'Spritz' Up Summer With Sophie Turner, St-Germain

St-Germain, the French elderflower liqueur, wants to "Spritz Up Your Summer."The new campaign also has a new collaborator: "Game of Thrones" actress Sophie Turner.

The creative highlights the The St-Germain Hugo Spritz, which Turner says is her "go-to cocktail this season."

The work, by BBDO and Nike Communications, runs on Sophie Turner and the St-Germain social and video channels. The brand also has a partnership with luxury retailer Bergdorf Goodman, which will open a Spritz Counter on its beauty floor, July 17-21. There, customers can sample the Hugo Spritz.

The cocktail, a potent mix of the liqueur, Martini prosecco and soda water, has become popular, driving more than 290 million TikTok views and a 512% increase in U.S. Google searches in the past year, according to Nielsen.



“Sophie was the obvious choice for this campaign, as her refreshing charm and style embodies the sweeter, brighter and lighter taste of the St-Germain Hugo Spritz,” said Emma Fox, global vice president of St-Germain. She added “the playful content series spotlights the cocktail and its qualities. This campaign marks the beginning of a new phase for St-Germain.”

The St-Germain elderflower liqueur brand is part of Bacardi Limited.

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