Search Agency Of The Year: 360i


Welcome to the Machine

Let's get one thing straight from the top, 360i doesn't call itself a search optimization agency, and it doesn't think of itself that way. It's an agency - pure and simple - that happens to be expert in optimizing search results (both paid and organic), behavioral marketing, social media and a lot of other apps that are synonymous with search. Yes, the 10-year-old shop grew up in the search space, and it's probably best known for that, but what it really is, is a metrics-driven agency that utilizes search techniques at the core of its strategies to help clients activate consumers to go somewhere or do something.

CEO Bryan Wiener and his team call the approach "search informed marketing," and it is winning clients, including some that happen to be among the most media savvy in the world. Actually, they are the media. When NBC, MSNBC, Bravo, Discovery, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Food Network, HGTV and USA Network want to drive people to their destinations they turn to 360i to trigger the search, or social media, and distributed media applications that might induce a search.

"360i has taken the time to really learn NBC Universal's business and help us develop a customized and cutting edge approach to search," gushes Marc Esper, vice president of search at NBC Universal. "Thanks to their dedication and innovation, we are on track to deliver more than three times our original traffic projections this year for search. In addition, they have provided us with a treasure trove of information about what our users are doing online through their Search Informed Research platform."

The strategy is working. Those kind of results led Google to give 360i its coveted "Marketing Machine" honor, and it's for the same reasons that OMMA magazine has selected it as our Search Agency of the Year for 2007 - even if they don't call themselves that.

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