Get Your Rocks Off

According to an Associated Press story, a 37-year-old model known only as Jane Doe has filed a $5 million lawsuit against jewelry company Szul Jewelry, Inc., claiming the company misled Doe about her appearance in its online video advertisement. Per the AP, the lawsuit states Doe didn’t “consent to or authorize the use of her likeness, picture, image or name to simulate a female having an orgasm or otherwise experiencing physical pleasure.” The video, produced by fellow defendant Q2 Entertainment, called “Rock Her World,” does indeed show a woman moaning whilst wearing a diamond necklace, but Doe claims she didn’t sign up for that gig (she says the story line she was pitched was far tamer). Namely, the court papers say the director asked her to feign excitement while lying down — without smiling. Sounds pretty tame, because, see, excitement and orgasm are completely different words.

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