Divine Rights


Good news: Your spot has gone viral. Bad news: You have no idea where it's posted or who's watched it. Divinity Metrics might help agencies get a handle on their clients' video content - or that of competitors.

"Agencies slap up the video and hope for the best," says Divinity CEO Rajeev Kadam. "But you can't measure the success of a campaign just by the streams." The Web-based service, which integrates with agency dashboards, analyzes social activity like commenting, favoriting or redistribution. Plug in the name of an artist, product or brand and Divinity Metrics discovers all the related clips then analyzes them to find the most popular. It also provides location and demographic information gleaned from ip addresses and registrations on partner sites including YouTube. Media planners can track usage and trends across platforms in real time, using the information to understand which videos are most popular and which users are most influential. Kadam promises, "It will tell you where there are hidden communities that actually care about your brand."
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