Yeast Infection

loaf of breadSo there I sat, trying to read the latest haterade thrown between Obama and Clinton on, when I clicked the "read more" link. Bad move, because the worst interstitial roadblock in the history of inherently annoying interstitial roadblocks rudely interrupted me. The culprit? An obnoxious purple flash ad for Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD), proclaiming that it's "the greatest thing since..." that then splashed a giant picture of a loaf of sliced multigrain bread up on the screen with purple light beams emanating from it. Not only does AMD have nothing to do with the latest Obamadrama, the ad itself offers no explanation of what AMD actually does. Bakery? Nah, try "customer-centric innovation company." Which makes sense in retrospect as the ad then posed the question, "What helps innovation rise?" "Yeast?" was my first thought, quickly followed by "Where's the 'skip this ad' button?"
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