Countdown to Extinction

RAM: Countdown to ExtinctionAs a light and fun distraction from the events of the day, why not ponder what 12 things you'd save if the world were ending? What a refreshing break from total economic collapse. Moxie Interactive created the campaign "The Earth's Vital List" as part of the promotion for the Twentieth Century Fox remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. On the day the movie is released, Dec. 12, Moxie and Twentieth Century Fox will name the 1,212 most popular things.

Besides a microsite, Moxie created widgets and social apps, using seven of the world's top social networks - including MySpace, Facebook, Bebo and Netlog - across 10 languages, that people can use to make lists and monitor live feeds ("Shakespeare, duh; it's everything you ever need to know"). The campaign does two pretty smart things: It incorporates the themes of the film into an activity that makes sense and is much more than just a fan page on Facebook, and it extends the campaign globally - many blockbusters make as much or more overseas than they do stateside.

"The campaign was designed to gain network participation and build, through word-of-mouth, awareness for The Day The Earth Stood Still," says Kris Zagoria, founder and chief executive officer at Moxie Interactive. "This program will connect consumers with the movie by employing a creative application that naturally fosters conversations."

"There are no limits to what types of items can be saved from extinction, so imagination and sharing is encouraged," says Hilary Hattenbach, vice president, domestic digital marketing at Twentieth Century Fox.

That's all well and good, but what about the really important stuff? What would you save, Hilary? "I plan to put macaroni and cheese at the top of my list," she says.
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