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Daryl McNutt

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Seasoned, dynamic and well-accomplished senior executive that has served in leadership roles consulting and scaling innovative start-up technologies. Focus on the development and execution of targeting platforms that provide explosive growth for agencies and consumer brands. I blend marketing, analytics and research, business intelligence, and creative visualization to deliver comprehensive solutions for clients’ complex business challenges. Hands-on leader with top-flight performance in customer insights and strategic brand planning across integrated communications platforms. Talented in creating a culture of teamwork and shared mission with communication skills and ability to convey unique concepts and solutions to technical and non-technical audiences. I have provided strategic direction in the role of products, analytics and research to organizations operating at the highest levels of global business, including: General Motors, Toyota, Fiat Chrysler, VW, KPCB, Sequoia Capital, Victoria Secrets, Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, eBay Motors, Oracle, McDonald’s, WPP Agencies, Yahoo!, Warner Brothers, NBC Universal, Microsoft, Groupon, Purina, Nestle, Kellogg’s, State Farm, MillerCoors, and ConAgra.

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  • Are Pre-Roll Ads An Endangered Species?  in Online Video Daily on 06/24/2015

    The difference between those ads you see at the cinema before the reel of coming attractions starts is that you don't want to see that first bunch of ads, but you look forward to those trailers. But, after all, they're commercials, too. What can online video advertisers learn from that?

  • Everything You Need To Know About The 2 Approaches To Cross-Device Advertising in Real-Time Daily on 04/09/2014

    With marketers constantly struggling to reach audiences across devices, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the ins and outs of cross-screen advertising. While most marketers know that device-matching is an important component of cross-screen advertising, the techniques used to pair devices each have benefits, risks and tradeoffs that should be more widely understood.

  • Anytime Is Prime Time: Digital Video Dayparting Comes Of Age in Video Insider on 04/11/2012

    Traditional TV dayparting -- the practice of determining the most effective time of day for ads to play -- is being redefined by digital video. Prime time is no longer just evening TV from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. (Nielsen People Meter). Prime time varies across different media and is highly influenced by the habits of "millennials," the Webification of older consumers and the emergence of digital video platforms that target users anywhere, anytime.

  • Re-Space, Not Replace in Video Insider on 02/16/2012

    Traditional TV advertisers are looking to make online video a more integrated part of their overall media plans, and for good reason. A recent Nielsen/IAB study found that people who saw a video ad across all four screens, (TV+PC+Phone+Tablet) correctly recalled the ad 74% of the time, an increase from 50% ad recall when they saw the video on TV only.

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