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Zach Rosenberg

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After a 38 year career working at both full service and media standalone agencies, I am now a growth consultant working with clients on helping them find marketing solutions as well as working with agencies helping them with their business development initiatives.

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  • Has The Virtual Office Finally Come Of Age? in MAD on 05/15/2020

    It's not a new concept and probably more than one agency has experimented with remote models over the years. But advanced technology, and the pandemic will likely make the virtual office the norm.

  • Why Industry Awards Matter in MAD on 03/23/2020

    The validity of award programs has come into question for as long as I can remember. Are they truly meaningful? On many levels the answer is yes.

  • Why Media Agencies Must Revive The Account Management Function in MAD on 01/13/2020

    With the complexity of client/agency relationships today, media agencies need to bring the account management function back to the forefront. A great account person provides leadership and inspiration and acts as the agency gatekeeper to what has become a relationship with a lot of moving parts.

  • Streaming TV And The Critical Importance Of Branding in MAD on 10/07/2019

    All these streaming services will need to stock their digital shelves with existing television and film titles and spend heavily to market their new content to break through the immense clutter that will be unfathomable a year from now.

  • The Return Of The Full-Service Agency Model in MAD on 04/24/2019

    There has been a lot of discussion about "rebundling" or reversing the now prevalent agency model of separate agencies for creative and media.

  • Just How Many Brands Have Become Better Corporate Citizens? in MAD on 11/06/2018

    Brands have always recognized that they need to become better corporate citizens but has this become a widespread practice? More consumers today are taking a brand's mission and activism into account when making decisions about what to buy.

  • Programmatic Buying: Embrace The Science But Don't Lose The Art in MAD on 06/08/2018

    How do we, as agencies, protect the responsibility of managing programmatic solutions for the brands we manage? As we evolve to a world of automation, will marketers cut us out completely, leaving our industry in utter turmoil?

  • Look To The Stars To Better Navigate Television in Television News Daily on 04/25/2017

    Viewers have more TV choices than ever before - not just what to watch but where and when to watch it. Viewers are no longer just the sun at the center of the solar system; they are the center of the universe. They are in control.

  • Influennials - The Secret To Marketing To Millennials And Beyond in MediaDailyNews on 01/25/2017

    While marketers have seemingly figured out the approach to reaching Millennials, a new generation is fast approaching. Born between 1997 and 2011, Gen Z is quickly coming of age. There are about 2 billion globally, approx. 27% of the world's population.

  • Content Is King, Context Is Kingmaker in MediaDailyNews on 12/15/2016

    Context-driven advertising is the vital key in connecting the consumer emotionally to your brand's message, engaging them and reducing their aversion to your message. The end of irrelevant ads is here.

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