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Steve Rosenbaum

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Steven Rosenbaum is the Managing Director of the NYC Media Lab - a consortium of Universities and Leading Media and Tech companies based in NYC. He's started and built five companies. He has directed and produced a slate of documentary films, most notably "Seven Days In September" - about the week after 9/11 in New York. And he's written on the coming together of tech and human skills in his book "Curation Nation" (McGraw/Hill 2012). As a lifelong New Yorker, and serial entrepreneur, he was named New York City’s first ever Entrepreneur at Large - by the Bloomberg Administration. Steve Rosenbaum is a Resident at TED in New York City and holds two patents in the areas of video curation and advertising technology.

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  • LinkedIn's 9/11 Marketing Fail by Steven Rosenbaum (Media Insider on 08/26/2019)

    Juan - here's the thing. If this was just a mistake, then ok. But LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft, and big companies have at least three calendars they check before they schedule any marketing event. They check their internal list (ie: LinkIn events) they check Corporate events (ie Microsoft) and they check industry event s(ie: Apple, etc.). So there's no way that one employee gets to schedule a 9/11 marketing event. And, while PR might advise marketing as to how to respond, PR isn't setting marketing objectives or plans, they're just putting out fires. So sending a customer and journalist to PR (and then PR not even making an attempt to reach out) tell me that they know it was a bad decision, and they're just hoping it will go away. 9/11 has had profound impact on our country, impact that is very much in play today 18 years later - so sweeping it under the rug is sure to make things worse in the years ahead. 

  • Does Your Business Support Guns? by Steven Rosenbaum (Media Insider on 08/05/2019)

    Ken, the NRA talking points are getting old.As a society, we make laws. We try to balance individual rights with community standards. There are always tradeoffs.  Some examples:- Cigarettes. We tax them, put warnings on them. Reduce cancer deaths- Seat Belts. They are required to save traffic fatalities. - Bike and Motorcycle helmets. Save brain damage and deaths.- Traffic lights. Require drivers to wait, and not drive into others.Lot's more that limit what we eat, what we build, how we behave in public. So yes, alcohol - tried prohibition. Other ideas, let's hear them. Guns. Make an argument for why anyone other than law enforcement and the military needs an AR-15.I'm all ears - but be aware, the easy access to these weapons is either to protect sportsmans rights or to keep the citizenry from being ruled by an out-of-control government. If you opt for reason #2, I think you may find the Secret Service comes and knocks on your door. 

  • Repair Before You Replace by Maarten Albarda (Media Insider on 07/12/2019)

    Did you get your $129.00 back from the first shop? Checking a fuse shouldn't be that hard. Finding a good repair shop is often the hardest part.

  • Are We Getting 9/11 Wrong? Taking Stock by Steven Rosenbaum (Media Insider on 09/10/2018)

    If you watch her TED talk, she has very specific suggestions. says it's about civilian safey. 

  • Advertising Activism Has Impact by Steven Rosenbaum (Media Insider on 01/07/2019)

    Tom, here's the thing. If you're going to be part of the conversation... start by signing your name. "Tom Tyler" links to a Linked In with no contacts, no friends, no picture, and the about section says: "GCTVTexas will be expanding in Q4 of 2016 and will be seeking partners, producers, creatives and technical experts in a number of areas." Since 2016 is 4 years ago, let's agree that this is just a troll account. If you want to engage with a real profile, happy to address your comments. 

  • Is Advertising Obsolete? by Steven Rosenbaum (Media Insider on 02/25/2019)

    Ed - do you have any data to back up the claim "that public at large still thinks that ads are a fair price to pay for content" - isn't the trend from cable to OTT and subscription (netflix) suggest that people are moving away from servies that have interuption advertising as their core economic basis?

  • Is Advertising Obsolete? by Steven Rosenbaum (Media Insider on 02/25/2019)

    Hey Doug, thanks for joining the conversation. Here's my question - would you say TV, radio, print are stronger today than five years ago? What will they be in 5 years? How do we get in front of consumers with ideas and offers they don't know they want, when someone can use Tivo, or another browser tab, or Spotify rather than radio? If old models are fading, what takes their place?

  • Is Advertising Obsolete? by Steven Rosenbaum (Media Insider on 02/25/2019)

    Hey Paul, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm wondering, are you saying you think advertising, it it's current form is good for society or a necessary evil? Does advertsing, centralized in a handful of platforms, provide value to consumers, to brarnds, or to publications. All three? None of the above? What if we could invent something better that connected consumers to brands and publishers. Would you engage in that exploration - or stay put?

  • Advertising Activism Has Impact by Steven Rosenbaum (Media Insider on 01/07/2019)

    Tom - that's a fantastic cookie cutter Alt Right response. Do you have a blog where you write more lengthy commentary of this sort, or do you just post troll comments? When is GCTV going live? Because I'm sure I can post on your blog as well. In terms of free speech, Tucker has the right to say whatever he wants. But he has no 'right' to broadcast on TV, and advertisers have no obligation to sponsor his hate. It is - after all - a free market.

  • Pizza, Rent -- And Trump by Steven Rosenbaum (Media Insider on 12/17/2018)

    Tell me what part of this story isn't accurate? As the Trumps Dodged Taxes, Their Tenants Paid a Price

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