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  • It's Tough Being A Former Ad Industry Futurist by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 02/13/2023)

    Joe, think it's important to take into account ad loads. For every hour of ad supported TV that moves from linear to streaming, the amount of ads goes down somewhere between 50% and 75%. Also, Nielsen data says that, at least in terms of time spent on the TV glass, that Rishad is right. Overall time spent is flat, linear down, streaming up, a large chunk of streaming being ad free.

  • Ad Frequency On Streaming TV Sucks. Let's Fix It by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 11/10/2022)

    Dave, as discussed at the Beet TV Retreat this week, it's also a platform inoperability issue. Signals only connect linear and AVOD/CTV after the fact. As you've stressed for years, planners need to do a better job leveraging more networks/dayparts to drive up reach and decrease frequency. But we've got the data and analytics now to be able to anticipate where linear R&F will hit, and use those signals to make sure AVOD/CTV is complementary, and not exacerbating the frequency issue.

  • MRC Chief George Ivie Extends Contract For Five More Years by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 06/15/2022)

    The industry is far better due to George and his team's contributions. Too often parochial interests could our view about methodologic issues, George and his team are independent, objective sherpas for the industry. 

  • Hannity's 'Playbook' by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 06/10/2022)

    Joe, important to mention that, while ABC, CBS and NBC affiilate stations aired the hearing (at least in the NY DMA), the Fox NY affiliate chose to air reruns. 

  • Don't Leave Any Demo Behind In Alt Measurement Movement by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 01/27/2022)

    Dave, you should take a look at the Best Practices in Integrating ACR and Set Top Box Data that Gerard Broussard and I did for CIMM. We reported the distributions of all relevant segments by key demos including race and ethnicity. Your point is accurate- all of these big data sources have specific unique skews.

  • Will Nielsen Kerfuffle Kill The GRP? by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 09/23/2021)

    Dave,AMEN! You know better than most, but there is clear evidence that advertisers are leaving TV ROI untapped by using antiquated age/sex demographics. 

  • Why Did The Advertiser Cross The Road? by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 08/30/2021)

    There's another role that the MRC importantly plays- getting researchers off of their parochial positions and getting us to think about research quality and accuracy. The reality is that the industry has no place where that happens. I think of George and his staff as the industry's guardian angels. 

  • What Nielsen MRC Accreditation Hiatus Means for Advertisers - Not Much by Lisa Niemeyer (MediaDailyNews on 08/24/2021)

    Great piece. The question is whether there's willingness in the market to take a bold first step and move to another currency provider, like 605. It's all about doing the necessary work to prepare- posting historical schedules so you understand the CPM differences, altering selling estimates to reflect the new data source. I think the market would find it's worth the effort, any of these new data sources will provide far greater stability than Nielsen does now.

  • Media Measurement Market Fragmenting Just Like Media Consumption by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 08/19/2021)

    Here's a slightly different take. I worry that we're distracted trying to solve for 2012 research needs- fixing linear TV currency measurement- when what we really need to be focused on is a current state/future state integrated planning/activation/measurement research infrastructure. That's what media companies need to optimize yield of all their impressions; that's what agencies need to insure they're spending their advertiser's media dollars wisely. Linear TV measurement is a necessary component- there will still be linear TV ads bought on broad age/sex demos in 10 years, but it's clearly shrinking in terms of importance. And building that infrastructure is hard- requires panels, first party data from walled gardens, common target audience definitions across platform, ability to integrate RF forecasts for linear and addressable media, segmentation schema that reflects the way that media is consumed. Hopefully the WFA/ANA is on the path to solve for this. 

  • Cancel 'Red, White & Blog,' Please! by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 05/19/2021)

    Well written Joe. The combination of continued advertiser support and the stupidity of the bundled cable market- where each one of us pays $24/year for Fox News whether we love it or detest it and never watch it- allow Fox News to continue their strategy without any fear of income loss. The cable distribution side is actually worse- Brian Roberts and others don't seem to care about what content is distributed through their pipes.

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