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Howard Shimmel

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  • President Janus Strategy and Insights, LLC
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  • Wilton Connecticut
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  • Solving The Reach Problem in MediaDailyNews on 06/14/2019

    The industry desperately needs a mechanism to ensure the voice of the customer, especially advertisers, is clearly enunciated and guides the product strategy of key research suppliers.

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  • Let's Give Our Work Teams Election Day Off by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 08/20/2020)

    Well done Dave! Democracy thanks you!

  • Heeding ANA Call To Reform TV Buying by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 05/28/2020)

    Curious about how using more realistic ratings estimates will impact both sides of the market. If networks aren't able to increase their CPMs to compensate for the lower estimates, their upfront take could be impacted by as much as 10%-15% just due to negotiating based on more realistic estimates. On the other hand, advertisers are submitting GRP requests during the upfront process that are somewhat unrealistic, unless media companies do a great job of stewarding the buys and delivering ADUs within flight. 

  • Why Do So Many TV Sports Advertisers Lack A Plan B? by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 05/14/2020)

    Dave, you're right that soda spending is up since the Pandemic hit- last 3 weeks had year to year sales up 15%, 8% and 14% based on Catalina Marketing. The pandemic is bringing lots of new brand buyers. Advertisers should be moving sports dollars to other parts of TV to try and capture these new brand buyers. Building penetration directly aligns with Byron Sharp.

  • Obit: Pioneering Media Researcher Gale Metzger, Dead At 83 by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 03/17/2020)

    Our media research industry is so much better for Gale and his accomplishments. His work with SMART helped provide some much more visibility into Nielsen and their national TV measurement. He will be missed.

  • Legalized Sports Betting Is Here, But Rise In TV Viewing Hasn't Followed by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 12/30/2019)

    Wayne- you should ask Nielsen to report ratings in the states with sports betting. Maybe the trend is there, but not enough states to impact national ratings.

  • AVOD Solves Declining Ad Pricing Of Linear Big-Budget Scripted TV by Wayne Friedman (TV Watch on 12/17/2019)

    Someone needs to run a model that looks at all the various differences between linear and digital selling- higher ad load in linear, inventory sold on audiences, not age/sex in digital, inability to monetize beyond 7 days in linear, ability to monetize all telecast viewing in digital- and determine how different the revenue per consumption hour is in linear versus digital. That will determine whether how the movement of audiences to digital will impact programmer revenue.

  • TV Is THE Metaphor For Video's Future by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 12/12/2019)

    Dave,I think the metaphor for the future is incredible amounts of quality and convenience-there existing a never seen before amount of amazing quality video content available- long form, short form, live, on-demand- mostly made available for consumers when/where/on what device they want? I watched The Irishman on a laptop in my living room. I'm sure alot of people downloaded that movie and watched on airplanes. The big screen TV might be many people's default, but programmers build engagement by making it available on as many screens where people consume video.

  • Paradox: Streaming Wars Will Be Great For TV Advertisers by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 10/10/2019)

    Understand everyone's points. But the other thing we need to consider is that the supply of network/cable GRPs and network/cable's ability to deliver reach exists in a rapidly shrinking universe. Today, 35% of adults are either CTV only (have no access to OTA or cable) or CTV dominant (have access but watch very little broadcast/cable). Based on everything we know, that number should grow materially every year. 

  • Paradox: Streaming Wars Will Be Great For TV Advertisers by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 10/10/2019)

    Dave, major issue will be how services like Disney Plus and HBO Max impact the supply of TV GRPs from network and cable. Declines this year were terrible without the impact of these services. Impact will likely be 2021/2022 upfront. If supply is down 20% that year, when addressable TV and connected TV are more established, it could have major impact on the "traditional" TV market.

  • Analysis Finds TV's 55+ Viewers Eroding For First Time, Younger Demos Have Plunged by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews on 09/11/2019)

    Will be very interesting to watch the extent to which these older demos start cord-cutting. The Cable/Satellite/Telco market has been held up to date by 55+ penetration.

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