Daily Online Examiner Editions for August 2015
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Aug. 31, 2015
Kim Kardashian Updates Instagram Ad For Morning Sickness Drug
T-Mobile Targets Subscribers Who Get Around Hotspot Restrictions
Apple's iOS Content-Blocking Capabilities Causing Ad Agita
Shutterfly's 'Orwellian Electronic Database Of Face Scans' Illegal, Illinois Resident Says
New Court Ruling Could Bode Well For Net Neutrality Rules
TRUST, A New System That Spots Online Ads With Rights Problems
Google Accused Of Rigging Search Results In India
Chris Christie Also Used Personal Email For Official Business
London Startups Targeted by Scammers
Flipkart Apologies For Sexist Message in Marketing Email
Connected TV Devices Reach Tipping Point
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Aug. 28, 2015
Social Media Guru Danah Boyd Sides With Yahoo In Text-Spam Battle
One Billion People Used Facebook on Monday. So What?
How Blocking Ads On Apple Phones Can Create A Grand Mess
FTC Convenes Privacy Conference, Asks 'Whitehat' Researchers To Contribute Reports
FCC Pays Carriers $9 Billion To Boost Rural Broadband
United Airlines In-Flight WiFi Blocks News And Tech Sites
Google Develops Apple iOS 9 Security Workaround For Ads
Mall Shoppers in 12 States to Get Beaconed
Georgia Senator Expresses New Concerns Over State Department Email Use
FBI Warns of Spike in Victims of Spam
Bing Calls Attention To Trademark Policy
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Aug. 27, 2015
Google Defends Search Results To EU Antitrust Officials
Shopkick Wins Text-Spam Lawsuit
SoundCloud Facing Copyright Infringement Lawsuit In UK
Mobile And Monsters
Malvertising Hits MSN: Time For Stricter Ad Network Standards?
New York City Mulls Lawsuit Against Verizon
Cablers Gain Broadband Subs; Live Video Viewing Rises for Pay-TV Operators
Apsalar, Tapad Team To Track Mobile Audiences Across Devices
Google's Mapping Car Gets Smashed With Tomatoes In Spain
People Spend 6.3 Hours a Day Checking Email: Adobe
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2015
AT&T Intercepts WiFi Traffic To Inject Ads
New York Court Nixes Web Retailer's Effort To Squelch Complaints
TVEyes Suffers Setback In Battle With Fox News
iOS 9 Content Blocking 'Could Create Serious Threat' For Publishers
Verizon Allows Some Unlocked Phones Into Network
Samsung Smart Fridge Vulnerability Could Pose Data Risk to Gmail Users
Caroline Kennedy Used Personal Email While Working at State Department
Sorrell: Online Video Ad Growth Threatened By Faulty Measurement
Study Shows How Cell Phone Use Upsets Social Bonds
Taking It Personally
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015
Illinois Sheriff Can Resume Campaign Against Backpage
LinkedIn User Drops Lawsuit Challenging Email Promotions
Spotify CEO: Sorry -- Sorta
Malvertising Up 300% In 2014, Spreading Cross-Channel Through Search Ads, Display, Video
Ashley Madison Hit With Four U.S. Lawsuits
'Spam King' Pleads Guilty To Sending Facebook Users 27 Million Messages
Smart Fridge, TV Caught Sending Spam Email
Email Search Tools Are Being Used to Extort Victims of Data Breach
Ashley Madison Execs Hacked Competing Site
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Aug. 24, 2015
Twitter Lets Politicians Send Tweets Down Memory Hole
Mobile Broadband Providers Embrace 'Supercookies'
Telecom Exec Proposes Advertisers Pay To Play On Their Networks
FTC Can Bring Cybersecurity Charges Against Wyndham, Court Rules
Murdoch Endorses Bloomberg Candidacy, Tweets He Should Enter GOP Race
Google Feels Heat From EU Antitrust Domain Abuse Investigation
We Are All Ashley Madison
USPS Investigates Employee Usage of Ashley Madison
Google Must Remove Links Within 35 Days, Says ICO
Amazon Says Bye-Bye To Flash Ads
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Aug. 14, 2015
FilmOn Wants Appeals Court To Uphold Surprise Victory Over Broadcasters
Drudge Report, Weather Underground And Others Hit With Malvertising Attack
Beacons: Advertising vs. Data Collection
Verizon Stops Throttling Wireless Users With 'Unlimited' Data
News Corp CEO Knocks Google, Facebook, LinkedIn
Ad Blocking As A National Sport
Irish Grant Organization Warns of Phishing Scam in Circulation
Elimination, The Sincerest Form Of Flattery
Twitter Adds Email Data to Transparency Report
Google's Beacon Tech Could Impact Shopping
Advertising Industry Losing Billions To Ad-Blocking Software
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015
Cablevision Ordered To Stop Saying Verizon Lies About Broadband
Court Urged To Deny Amazon New Hearing In Battle Over Search Results
Broadcasters, Digital Content Next, And Movie Studios Next Tell FCC To Keep 'Sensitive' Information Confidential
Face-Off: Consumers Weigh In On 'Recognition,' Say They Would Stop Shopping
Cord-Cutting Slams Pay TV, More Subscriber Woes
Facebook Drops Intern For Exploiting Security Issue
Variety Goes To Court, Worried About Relativity Contract
Feds Expect to Spend $500M on Data Breach Clean Up
Beacons to Track Behavior at Events
2016: The Cross-Screen Connection Election
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2015
Will Regulators Target Kim Kardashian For 'Misleading' Instagram Ad?
Cox, Cablevision, and Verizon Top Netflix Streaming Performance List
Appeals Court Turns Away Yahoo In Email Privacy Battle
New Measures To Block Ads... and To Block Ad Blockers
Indiana University Tests The Spam Spotting Skills of its IT Department
Tinder Takes Issue With 'Vanity Fair' Profile
NBCU Invests In Vox Media
75% Would Skip Stores that Use Facial Recognition for Marketing
Real-Time Ad Targeting Gains Smarts From Yahoo, Microsoft Patents
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2015
Google, Facebook And Others Fight Request For 'Broad-Based Blocking Orders'
Drugmaker Gets FDA Warning Over Kim Kardashian's Instagram Endorsement
Appeals Court To Decide Whether FTC Can Sue AT&T Over Throttling Policy
Ban On Ballot Selfies Struck Down
Researchers Hack Into Corvette, Disable Brakes
ANA Helps Insure Against Patent Trolls
Security Concerns Precede Smartwatch Marketing
Agencies See Privacy, Trust As Key IoT Issues
'The New Yorker' Plans Takedown of TMZ (Yes, You Read That Right)
Facebook Expands Native Video Ads, Interstitials
Grow Your Audience Of SMS Opt-Ins
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