Google Develops Apple iOS 9 Security Workaround For Ads

Google advocates security in apps and ad serving, but late Thursday it clarified the reason for its post on how to get around the Apple iOS 9 privacy setting called App Transport Security.

"Developers asked us about resources available to them for the upcoming iOS 9 release, and we wanted to outline some options," said Tristan Emrich, mobile ads developer relations, updating the post late Thursday. "To be clear, developers should only consider disabling ATS if other approaches to comply with ATS standards are unsuccessful. Apple has provided a tech note describing different approaches, including the ability to selectively enable ATS for a list of provided HTTPS sites."

Emrich explains that at launch, not every app developer and mobile publisher may have the ability to work with Apple's new standard. Mobile ads will not initially run on sites that are not running the protocol, which means less advertising revenue.

The rollout of iOS 9 should begin in the fall. ATS aims to enforce best practices in secure connections between an app and its back-end. Google recommends using HTTPS when developing a new app, but for those working on an existing app, the company suggests using HTTPS as much as possible and creating a plan to migrate the rest of their app toward ATS compliance.

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