Daily Online Examiner Editions for November 2015
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015
Silicon Valley Sides With FCC, Says Muni-Broadband Networks Can Close 'Digital Divide'
In-N-Out Sues DoorDash Delivery Service
Verizon FiOS Tops Netflix's Streaming Video Rankings
Franken Presses For Location Privacy Bill
Facebook Sees Spike In Government Data Requests
Grim Hidden YouTube Video Of Pork Plant Gets USDA's Attention
A Guide: Facebook Video Ads Have Potential Drawbacks
Vizio TV Links Behavioral Data Supporting Ad Serving Across Smartphone, PC, Tablets
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015
FCC Chair Previews Broadband Privacy Rules: 'Nothing About Me Without Me'
Facebook Hit With New Text-Spam Lawsuit
T-Mobile Hikes Price Of Unlimited Data Plans
Google Rolls Out New Privacy Tool
As Ad Blocking Grows, Brands Must Ask Agencies - How Do I Reach Millennials?
Top Websites Increasingly Turn to Auto-Play
FBI Dives Deeper Into Clinton Email Investigation
Ad Blocking Rises To 18% Of Web Users, IAB UK Says
New York State Deems Daily Fantasy Sports Gambling Illegal
Streaming TV Everywhere: 'Cap' Your Services!
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015
T-Mobile Exempts Netflix, HBO Go And Other Video Services From Data Caps
Beacon Data Tells When a Consumer Is Due to Shop
WiFi Password For Republican Debate: StopHillary
Please, Please Don't Ask People To Be Nice To You On Social Media
AT&T Expands 1GB Fiber Service
GOP Lawmakers Urge Court To Vacate Open Internet Rules
Pilot Program Lets Consumers Control Own Data
Comcast Resets Email Passwords For 200,000 Customers After Data Breach
Griping About Comcast On Its Home Turf
New Facebook Tool Identifies Photo Friends
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Nov. 9, 2015
Facebook Loses Privacy Fight In Belgium
FOMO Linked To Stress In Teens
What You Say Is As Important As Where You Say It
TVEyes Ordered To Block Downloads Of Fox News Clips
StubHub Loses Antitrust Lawsuit Against Ticketmaster And Warriors
Vizio's Smart TVs Share Users' Viewing Histories With Advertisers
Xaxis Targets Voters With Personalized Ad Product
LA Mayor Accidentally Endorses Clinton From Work Email Account
Email Hackers That Broke Into CIA Director's Email Break Into Law Enforcement Database
New Eye Tracking Could Enable New Billboard Advertising
Security Issues Raised Around Smart Homes
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Nov. 6, 2015
Vimeo Faces Off Against Capitol Records Over User-Created Clips
Cox Pays $595,000 To Settle Data Breach Investigation
FCC Won't Impose Privacy Rules On Web Publishers, Ad Networks
Feds Say Man's False Tweets Manipulated Stock Prices
72% of Consumers Will Reveal Personal Info In Exchange for Coupons This Holiday
Privacy Advocates Not Happy With TPP Text
Look Out Ad Blockers, Says Full Page Ad In Financial Times
Facebook Debuts Location For Pages To Help Local Ad Business
App Makers Playing Dangerous Game With Personal Privacy
Connecting With People By Connecting The Data Dots
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Nov. 5, 2015
Senate Considers Banning Online 'Gag' Clauses
Comcast Expands Metered Billing Tests
Muni-Broadband Clears Hurdles In Colorado
Google Customer Match Seeing Facebook-Like Targeting Results
International Trade Agreement Could Affect Online Privacy, Net Neutrality
Obama Administration Wants to Make Email Records More Transparent
Twitter Promises Transparent Political Donations
That's All It Takes? Tweet Complaints About Hulu's Commercials Spurred SVOD Option
I'm Not Trusting 'The Crowd' To Pick My TV
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015
Charter Pushes FCC To Clear Merger With Time Warner
MPAA Shuts Down Popcorn Time
Outbrain And Gravity Failed To Comply With Privacy Rules, Watchdog Says
Apps Found To Transmit Personal Information To Third Parties
Google to EU, Hefty Antitrust Fine Inappropriate
Gmail App Will Use AI To Respond to Your Emails For You
Anonymous to Share Emails & Phone Numbers of KKK Members
B2B Journalists Reveal Concerns Over Advertiser Pressure
Google's Move Toward China Littered With Censorship Challenges
What Exactly Is Mainstream Media?
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015
New Firefox Tool Blocks Ads, Prevents Tracking
PageFair Hacked, Distributes Malware With Anti-Blocking Analytics
FCC Seeks To Fine Hilton For Obstructing WiFi Blocking Investigation
This Ad Exec Has The Solution to Your Ad-Blocking Nightmare, And It's Wrong
Redskins Player Sues FanDuel
Consumers Prefer Email, But Want Choice
Frontier Won't Rule Out Data Caps
Sprint's New $20 'Unlimited' Data Plan Throttles Users After 1 GB
Ad Injection, The Newest Kind of Online Fraud
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Nov. 2, 2015
Supreme Court Debates Consumers' Right To Sue Data Brokers
Disney Prevails In Video Privacy Case
Ashley Madison Sued For Misleading Users With Fake Profiles
DAA Unveils Guidelines For Privacy Icons In Video Ads
Teen Facebook Users Can't Revive Battle Over Ads
WikiLeaks Founder Defends Site For Publishing CIA Director Emails
The 'Sun' To Drop Paywall
Ben Affleck Had Clinton's Private Email Address: State Department Reveals
TAG, AAM Join Forces Against Internet Piracy
VASTly Improved? IAB Introduces 4.0
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