Daily Online Examiner Editions for June 2016
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, June 30, 2016
AT&T: Tough Privacy Rules May Result In Higher Broadband Prices
Facebook Defeats Class-Action For Allegedly 'Leaking' Users' Names To Advertisers
Democratic Lawmaker Backs Set-Top Box Compromise
Fund-Raising Emails Land Trump In Hot Water With FEC
Movie Could Download in 8 Seconds With New Internet Speed Coming
Senator Wants To Regulate Internet-Connected Cars
Apple, Amazon, Google Locking Out The Competition?
Why Real Time Isn't Fast Enough
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Online Ad Researchers Challenge Anti-Hacking Law
Facebook Prevails Against Belgian Privacy Commission
DHS May Add Social Profiles To Visa Waiver Forms
Yahoo Urges Judge To Throw Out Robo-Texting Class-Action
Google Readies Broadband Speed Test
Mozilla Using Emoji To Educate Users On Encryption
Google Expands Ad Tracking, Offers Opt-In Options, 'My Activity'
DMA Assures UK Email Marketers Their Voice Will Still Be Heard In Brussels
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, June 28, 2016
In Flip-Flop, Facebook Denies Suggesting Friends Based On Location
AT&T Lobbyist Backs Clinton
Airbnb Seeks To Block New San Francisco Law
Is Alphabet Aiming To Control Public Transportation?
What Threat Could Brexit Pose To Internet Companies?
BPA Worldwide Approved As Validator For TAG Anti-Piracy Program
Consumers Punish Brands For Deceptive Behavior Online
Minute By Minute What We're Doing Online
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, June 27, 2016
Viacom May Have Violated Kids' Privacy Rights
Facebook Draws On Location History To Suggest New Friends
Sorry, Email Marketers -- The Public Just Doesn't Trust You
Appeals Court May Soon Decide Whether AT&T Will Face Class Action Over Slowdowns
Chrome Bug Could Allow People To Download Video Streams
Social Media Undermines Teens' Romantic Skills
Digital Ads To Exceed $285B By 2020, $27B Lost With Ad Blockers
Report Shows Consumer Mistrust Of Brands And Personal Data
China's New Internet Rules Follow Baidu Probe
Facebook, Google Target Extremist Videos
EU To Bring New Antitrust Charges Against Google
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, June 24, 2016
Watchdogs Urge FCC To Crack Down On Data Caps
Cox Communications Falls For Phishing Scam
Brexit -- It's Business As Usual For Email And GDPR Compliance
Vizio Slams 'Far-Fetched' Video Privacy Lawsuit
Senate Votes Down Bill That Would Have Let FBI Access Email & Search Records Without a Warrant
Over Half Of Email Servers Susceptible To Spoof Emails
Social Media Failed To Predict #Brexit
Twitter Rolling Out Location Feeds
Email Fraud Linked To A Drop In Engagement Rates
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, June 23, 2016
Privacy Guru Pushes To Curb Broadband Providers
CNN, Journalists' Group And Others Side With Fox Against TVEyes
Majority Of Top Web Sites Vulnerable To Email Spoofing
White House Threatens To Veto Budget Bill That Includes Anti-Net Neutrality Provisions
Clinton's Server Was Temporarily Without Security Software in December 2010
Silk Road Emails May be at the Heart of Microsoft's Email Privacy Battle
Periscope and Facebook Live Capture Congressional History
Fines For Location Data Offenders: A Drop In The Bucket?
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, June 22, 2016
FCC Urged To Ban Premium Pricing For Privacy
FTC Fines InMobi $950,000 For Collecting Location Data From Children
FCC Democrat: Proposal To Unlock Cable Boxes Has 'Real Flaws'
T-Mobile's Binge On Still Violates Net Neutrality, Study Says
Consumers Say In-Store Facial Recognition Creepy, Not Cool
Workers Weary Of Wearables In Workplace
FCC Pushing For Higher Speeds For Internet Of Things
DMCA Takedown Requests On Google Quadruple In Two Years
California Bill to Collect Sex Offender Email Addresses Advances
Mobile Device Obsession Yields A Marketer's Paradise
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, June 17, 2016
Internet Service Provider Argues It's Not Responsible For Piracy By Subscribers
Cable Companies Willing To Allow Consumers To View All TV Programs On Apps
Fox News: TVEyes Infringes Copyright, Undercuts Licensing Market
Google Fiber Now Says Subscriber Disputes Must Go To Arbitration
Fake Email Scams Have Grown by 1300%
It Costs $7.01M to Resolve a Data Breach
Ad Fraudster Rizack Sentenced Prison
ICO Survey Shows Consumers Trust Internet Brands The Least With Their Data
China Orders A Halt To iPhone 6 Sales After IP Ruling
Google Pushes Data For Creative Guidelines Amid Consumer Concerns
Will Blockchain Put Consumers In Charge Of Ad And Marketing Industry?
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, June 16, 2016
Vimeo Wins Copyright Battle Over Golden Oldies
Judge Poised To Dismiss Lawsuit Against Twitter Over ISIS Accounts
Verizon Users Want To Continue Privacy Battle With Turn In Court
'Spam King' Gets 30 Months In Prison
Will Facebook One Day Read Your Mind?
Three Begins Mobile Ad-Blocking Trial
Bing Lets Advertisers Quickly Adjust Disapproved Ads, Edit Text And URLs
Apple To Use 'Differential Privacy' To Collect Data From iPads, iPhones
Gawker Will Survive, Vows Denton
What To Do About Piracy? How About Nothing?
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, June 15, 2016
AT&T: Net Neutrality Decision Requires Court To Toss Throttling Charges
The ANA Is Adding Insult To Injury
Verizon Should Revise FiOS Ad Boasts, Watchdog Says
Site Drops Plans To Reveal 'Walking Dead' Spoiler
Facebook's Internal Review Board Evaluates Research On Users
More Young People Get News From Social Than TV
The $3 Billion Email Scam
Let's Encrypt Gaffe Reveals 7,618 Users' Emails To Each Other
DNC Servers & Email System Hacked
Verizon Fixes Email System Exposure
Facebook Adds Suicide Prevention Tools
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