Daily Online Examiner Editions for November 2016
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016
Trump Appoints Critic Of Broadband Privacy Rules To Transition Team
Now You Can Watch Some Netflix Offline
FTC Urged To Probe Word-Of-Mouth Over Instagram Marketing
Adblock Plus Calls Meetup To Form An Independent Board
Uber Expands Location Tracking
Trump Will Be Able To Send Unblockable Text Alerts To All U.S. Cell Phones
More Than 1 Million Google Accounts Breached By Android Malware
DoubleVerify Launches Solution To Protect Advertisers From 'Fake' Online News
British Start-Up Pushes Privacy Boundaries With Photo Scanning Insights
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016
Lawmakers Protect Consumers' Right To Post Reviews
Google Agrees To Settle Email Privacy Battle
Trump's Election Spurs Internet Archive To Create Copy In Canada
Trump Tweets Teen's Critique Of CNN Journo
Widows Of ISIS Victims Want Appeals Court To Revive Battle With Twitter
Adblock Plus Fends Off Latest Publisher Lawsuit
Fake News Not Only An Issue For Politics, But For Brand Marketers
Researchers Claim To Take Control Of Tesla By Tapping Owner's Mobile App
White House Taps Zuckerberg To Tackle Poverty
Germany Presses Facebook To Police Platform
Government To Allow IoT Hacking For Research
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Nov. 28, 2016
Google Draws Support In Showdown Over 'Right To Be Forgotten'
Vizio Presses Judge To Dismiss Privacy Case
Comcast Data Cap Too Low For Ultra High -Def, Layer3 Says
Taboola Takes On Fake News Furor
Google Hit With 1 Billion Takedown Requests In Last Year
Report Reveals Google's Support For Hillary Clinton
Ad Blocking Rates Could Be Declining In Germany
Retailers Anxious Over Potential IoT Security Threats
Ireland Is Investigating Yahoo's Massive Data Breach
Privacy And Data: What Will The Future Hold?
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016
Trump Telecom Adviser Wants FCC Stripped Of Power
Fed Regulators Ask Device Manufacturers To Help Tackle Distracted Driving
Merkel Joins Chorus Warning Against Fake News
ABC, Yahoo Battle Father Who Streamed Son's Birth On Facebook
Consumer Privacy Seen As Issue In Connected Cars
Mainstream Media Needs To Recapture Its Investigative Thread, Start A Two-Way Conversation
Twitter Briefly Suspends CEO's Twitter Account
Microsoft Might Let LinkedIn Rivals Access 'Outlook'
Google's Tax Settlement In Indonesia Could Prove Hefty
Facebook Installs Software To Appease Chinese Government
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016
Yelp Asks California Judges To Lift Censorship Order
Geofeedia Cuts Staff After Losing Access To Social Media Data
AT&T Defends DirecTV Zero-Rating
Facebook Testing Free Wi-Fi Finder
Airbnb Drops Challenge To New York Advertising Law
Most Middle-Schoolers Can't Distinguish News From Native Ads
Microsoft Apologizes Over Perceived Racist Line in Zombie Email
Malicious Link Menacing iOS Users
Native Ad Expert Calls On Industry To Help Google, Facebook Shut Down Fake News
President-Elect Trump Addresses Nation Through YouTube, Holds Press Conference 'Soon'
The Mindful Democracy Manifesto
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, Nov. 21, 2016
Trump Names Net Neutrality Foes To Transition Team
Twitter Blocked Trump Ad Over Emoji, Campaign Exec Claims
Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Accusing Twitter Of Encouraging ISIS
In The Wake Of Fake: New Life For Mainstream Media
Warner Bros. Finalizes FTC Settlement Over Influencer Campaign
Internet Association Urges Trump To Preserve Protections For Web Sites
Mobile Campaign Data Quality Remains An Issue
Journalists Call On Facebook To Champion Accurate News
Inside Facebook's Content Crisis
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, Nov. 18, 2016
Silicon Valley Urged To Fight Trump By Shedding User Data
Senate Democrats Want FCC To Crack Down On 'Zero-Rating' Schemes
Broadband Prices Drop Where Gigabit Service Available
U.S. Issues Guidelines For IoT Security
Facebook Debuts Community Help, A Disaster Aid
FTC Issues Report On 'Sharing Economy,' Doesn't Suggest New Rules
IRS Employees Caught Sending Taxpayer Data Through Unencrypted Emails
3 Men Arrested in Connection with Three Mobile Data Breach
Obama Warns Against Fake News
The One Essential Skill You Need In The Facebook Era
Twitter Ticks Off Left And Alt-Right
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016
New Mozilla Browser Blocks Tracking
Google Users Lose Access To Gmail, Photos, Docs For Re-Selling Pixel Phones
IAB's Rothenberg Says Stopping Fake News Takes Real Resolve
Broadband Providers, Digital Rights Groups Back Cox In Copyright Battle
Broadband Upgrades Stall After Charter Merger
Hillary Undone By Twitter? I Doubt It
Madison Avenue Lost This Election
Google, Intel Partnership Will Do More Than Accelerate Cloud Adoption
Fake News Got More Engagement Than Real Thing On Facebook
Russia Shows LinkedIn The Door
Adobe Fined $1M Over 2013 Data Breach
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016
FCC Urged To Delay 'Controversial' Proposals
Judge Likely To Throw Out Criminal Charges Against Backpage CEO, Shareholders
Twitter Bans Alt-Right Figures
Facebook Admits To More Ad Measurement Problems
Attack Of The Bad Ads
Online Trust Alliance Calls On Ad Industry To Rethink Priorities, Avoid Ad Trust Crisis
Comcast Ends $70 GB Broadband In Area Outside Chicago
Facebook CEO Hacked, Again
AdultFriendFinder Hack Revals Bad Passwords
YouTube Stars Live Stream To Oppose Bannon
Trump Campaign Credits Facebook With Winning Election
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016
IMDB Seeks To Block New Law Allowing Actors To Hide Their Age
Amazon Sues Sellers Over Knockoffs
Facebook, Google Move To Limit Fake News
TAG Launches Anti-Malware Certification Program
Twitter Strengthens Mute Button To Combat Harassment
Comcast Lifts Data Cap In Maine
Demand For Encrypted Email Surges After Trump's Election
Some Android Phones Sending User Data To China
Apple Purging Outdated App Store Apps
After Election Surprise, Marketers Rethink How to Study Consumers
Mobs, Filter Bubbles, Democracy
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