Daily Online Examiner Editions for March 2017
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, March 31, 2017
Repeal Of Broadband Privacy Rules Sparks Backlash
Blogger Protected By Pennsylvania's Journalist Shield Law
Gannett Dodges Video Privacy Claims -- For Now
Americans Trust Ads More Than News
Comcast Bows Prepaid Web Service
Australian Government Curtails YouTube Advertising
Verizon To Debut Digital Live Linear TV Network Package
Ad Blocking Is An Opportunity, Not An Obstacle
IoT Security Concerns Higher In Europe Than U.S.
Newspapers Vow No April Fools' Jokes, Citing Fake News
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, March 30, 2017
Privacy Bills Advance In Illinois
Broadband Provider Ends Piracy Fight With BMG
Civil Rights Groups Funded By ISPs Opposed Broadband Privacy Rules
Pro-Trump Group Plans Digital, TV Ad Blitz
Publishers Look To Profit From Platforms' Content Woes
Hallmark Networks Pitch Trust At Upfront
JPMorgan Chase Limits Ads
The Advertising Association Lays Out Its Brexit Wish List
Trolls Are Ruining The Web
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Broadband Carriers Promise 'Air-Tight Approach To Privacy'
Court Revives Lawsuit Accusing Webloyalty Of Bilking Consumers
Repeal Of Broadband Privacy Rules Spurs Interest In VPNs
MRC Finalizes Location-Based Ad Measurement Guidelines
Report: Mobile Malware Increases
'The Guardian' Is Suing Rubicon Project
A Free Ride On Your Marketing Dollar: How The Privacy Rollback Helps The ISPs
Advice On Picking An Encrypted Email Provider
YouTube Walks A Tightrope
Will Trolls And Liars Persist? Internet Leaders Say Yes
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Power Ventures Wants To Take Facebook Battle To Supreme Court
House Repeals Broadband Privacy Rules
Facebook Says It's Not Responsible For Discriminatory Ads
New Antitrust Head Likely To Approve AT&T's Merger With Time Warner
Democracy Fund, First Look Media Give $12M To News Organizations
Agency Urges Google to Allow Third Party Ad Verification Inside Its Walled Garden
What's The Real-Time Marketing Potential Of Facebook's Location Tracking Feature?
Daily Mail Is The Biggest Global Victim Of Ad Blocking
App Users Hit With 'Spammy' Fake Reviews
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, March 27, 2017
Weight Loss Company Battles FTC Over Consumer Reviews
House Nears Vote On Broadband Privacy Rules
Supreme Court Won't Hear Record Label's Appeal Over 'Golden Oldies'
Illinois, Other States Mull New Online Privacy Laws
Brand, Ad Safety Issues Spread From Google To Social Media Platforms
Flybe and Honda Fined For Spam Emails In UK
Uber Halts Self-Driving Car Program After Crash
Home Secretary Calls For Police Access To Encrypted Messages
AMC Eyes Ad-Free Pay App, Reuters Says
United Airlines Takes Flak Over 'Leggings-Gate'
PBS Uses Roku To Make Its Case
Fake Email, Fake News, Fake Business
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, March 24, 2017
Trump Takes Credit For Charter's Expansion Promises
Health App Developers Revise Privacy Practices To Settle Investigation
Judge: EBay Not Responsible For Alleged Patent Infringement By Seller
Google Advertisers Already Have Tools To Block Ads From Extremist Content
Instagram Begins Blocking 'Sensitive' Content
Dossier Details How Russia Uses Fake News To Influence Elections
ANA Issues YouTube Advisory, Tells Google 'To Do No Harm'
Amazon Files For More Drone Patents
FCC Approves Robocall Block Rule
Don't Bury GDPR Permissions In The 'Small Print'
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, March 23, 2017
Ad Industry, Broadband Carriers Cheer Senate Vote To Scrap Privacy Rules
Senate Votes To Revoke Broadband Privacy Rules
AT&T, Verizon Pull Ads: Alphabet's Schmidt Concedes YouTube Ranking Problem
U.S. Broadband Map Not Updated Since 2014
Consumers Have Limits In Accepting New Shopping Technologies
U.S. Implements Mandatory Social Media Screening
Google Says Android Safer Than Ever
Two U.S. Tech Firms Conned In Alleged Email Phishing Scam
Encrypted Gmail Alternative Draws Signups In Europe
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, March 22, 2017
FCC Urged To Allow Charter To Impose Data Caps
Senate Poised To Vote On Broadband Privacy
FCC's Clyburn Vows To Fight For Net Neutrality
FTC Fines Upromise For Failing To Disclose Data Collection Practices
Banks Halt YouTube Advertising Amid Hate-Funding Claims
Digital Advertisers Flee Breitbart News
Data Targeting And Privacy: Mortal Enemies Or Unlikely Friends?
Experts Warn Of Latest Amazon Email Scam
Adblock Plus Sings Kumbayah With Ad Tech
AT&T Suspending All Non-Search Ads On Google
Pope Warns Against 'False' Images Of Social Media
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Trump Administration Opposes Facebook In Battle Over Birthday Texts
Hackers Demand Ransom From Apple
FilmOn Not Entitled To Cable License, Appeals Court Says
Google Defends Democracy With 'Protect Your Election' Tools
Twitter Suspended 636,000 Accounts Since 2015
Readers Gauge News' Value Based On Person Who Shared It
Dark Web Vendor Still Selling Gmail and Yahoo Account Information
Laptops And Tablets Banned On Some Flights From Mideast
Google Sets YouTube Safety Policies As Disturbing Internet Content Grows
What Happens When Brands Play Politics
Philanthropy Won't Save Journalism. Digital Will
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, March 20, 2017
Google Ordered To Identify People Who Searched For Crime Victim's Name
Judge Nixes Google Settlement Over Email Scans
Info Exposed On Tens Of Thousands Of Saks Fifth Ave. Customers
Ad Groups Press FCC To Revisit Broadband Privacy Rules
Google Fiber Cancels Installations In Kansas City
Samsung Phones Adding Facial-Recognition Security Feature
YouTube Faces Heat Over LGBTQ 'Restriction'
White House Email Newsletter Gets Off To A Bad Start
Uber In Another Jam As Jones Resigns With 'Blistering' Assessment
DMA Calls For Greater ICO Clarity On 'Legitimate Interest' Alternative To Consent
The UK Is Moving Faster On Digital Ad Transparency
Google Apologizes As Analyst Downgrades To 'Hold' On Brand Safety Concerns
Accused Yahoo Hack Spy Worked for Russian Tycoon's Bank: Bloomberg
Google AI Project With The NHS Heavily Criticised
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