Email Marketing Daily Editions for January 2013
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013
Marketers Say Email is Important, But Their Contact Data is Often Bad
SaneBox Launches Team-Focused Version of Inbox Management Tool Aimed at SMBs
SendGrid Brings Its Cloud-Based Transactional Email Infrastructure to Europe
Obama Campaign Leases Email Database to Lobbying Group, Worries Privacy Advocates
Email Attack Exploits Vulnerability in Yahoo Site to Hijack Accounts
Court Upholds Conviction For Sending Fake Emails
What I Learned About Email From My 91-Year-Old Uncle
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013
Marketers Say They're Shifting Focus Away From Traditional Media Releases Reviews for Email Marketing Services
Startup Measures How Much Stress Email Gives You, And Helps You Reduce It
Nonsense Spam Designed to Hide Evidence of Identity Theft
Metalogix Releases New Version of Email Archiver
Internal Social Networks Will Be Like Email, Phones
Facebook Puts A Price On Permission
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013
Top 100 Internet Retailers Enjoy Highest Inbox Placement Rates
Marketers at Odds Over Effectiveness of Responsive Design
ExactTarget Launches MobilePush for In-App Messaging
Facebook Custom Audiences Email Address Retargeting Sees Match Rates 'As High as 95%'
Spachanel Trojan Uses Email Security to Serve Up Spam
Most Marketers Feel Teams Are Ill-Equipped to Handle New Trends And Tech
Though Multi-Channel Users, Consumers Still Prefer Email Marketing
Facebook Puts A Price On Permission
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Jan. 28, 2013
Telephone Consumer Protection Act May Also Encompass SMS Messaging
Facebook, Email Providers Say They Require Warrants for Private Data Seizures
Traditional Media, Search Trusted More Than Owned, Social Media For News Info
Microsoft Said to be Testing an Outlook Client for Windows RT for Tablets
Electronic Pillbox Sends Email Reminders
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Jan. 25, 2013
40% Retailers Using SMS, 23% More Plan to Implement
Havas Worldwide Launches 'Shared Owned & Earned' Media Unit
Government Requests for Gmail Account Information and Data Up 34%
Workers Write A Novel's Worth of Email Replies Each Year, Contest Asks for the Title of these Novel-in-Emails
How Feds Took Down 'Bulletproof' Gozi Virus
Google Protects Users' Emails From Police, Demands Search Warrants
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013
"Best" in Subject Line of Gift Guide Emails Lifts Open and Click Rates
Backdoors Found in Barracuda Networks Gear
Mobile Perceived as Most Disruptive Media and Marketing Trend
The Targeting Behind Twitter's Special Follower Emails
Texting - Done Right - Linked to Significantly Higher Lead Conversion Rates
Effective Knowledge Management Requires Replacing E-mail with Social Media
Google Protects Users' Emails From Police, Demands Search Warrants
Email Driving Cross Channel Integration
Email-Social Integration: Past, Present and Future
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013
Marketers: Align Objectives With Data Collection
Email's Conversion Rate Outperforms Other B2B Web Traffic Sources
iPad Owners Prefer Reading Email on Tablet Over PC by 'a Wide Margin'
Super Bowl and Playoff Email Campaigns Build Interactivity Through Game Outcomes
Email: Misspelling Names Breeds Consumer Resentment
Bronto Launches Past-Purchase Remarketing Service
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013
How to Make Spammming a Profitable Business Opportunity
Consumers Trust Email Marketing More than Social, But Less Than Everything Else
Mailbox App for iPhone Announces Wait List to Manage 'Huge' Demand
Marketers Realize Their Data is Suspect
LaunchBit Benchmarks Engagement Metrics to Grade Email Newsletters
Infusionsoft Acquires GroSocial to Add Social to Marketing Platform
Will You Hire Employees To Manage Data From Search Campaigns?
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Jan. 21, 2013
7 in 10 Marketers Plan Increased Data-Related Spending
The Dying Business Of Email Spam
Act-On Triples Revenue, Doubles Headcount in 2012
Major Differences Between Marketers and Consumers
France Wants To Tax Facebook, Google "Personal Data Collection"
Optimizing Mobile Email
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Jan. 18, 2013
Industry Slow to Adopt DMARC Email Standards
Smartphone Owners More Likely to Read Emails than Make Calls
Microsoft Delivers Temporary Fix of the Missing Email Bug
Open and Click Rates Up in Canada, Down in the U.S.
Consumers are Wary of Giving Too Much Data to Email Marketers
Top Uses For Computer And Smartphone Are Device Sensitive
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