Email Marketing Daily Editions for May 2016
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, May 16, 2016
Mobile First
France Could Ban Emails After Work Hours
Goodbye, Front Desk
Kevin Spacey Wins Email Delivery Patent
How Financial Services Brands Can Engage Customers With Paid Social
Federal Agency Told Not to Integrate Google & Slack Due to Potential Data Breach Issues
Email Privacy Bill Goes to the House This Week
Google & Salesforce Team up to Help Marketers Target Across Channels
Geary Email Client Gets Update
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, May 13, 2016
Scare Tactics: Why Brands Are Leaning Into The 13th
Tumblr Reveals Email Data Breach
French Government to Ban After Hours Work Emails
Email Exposes Google's Insights in Oracle Lawsuit
Congress Has Banned Yahoo Email Addresses After an Attack
71.8% of Marketers Are Spending More Time on Email Production This Year
Email Marketing On The Go
ironSource Releases Dataflow Management Product
Apple Hails A $1 Billion Ride With China's Didi
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 12, 2016
Adobe Upgrades Cloud With Data Science, Unveils Predictive Subject Line In Beta
FBI Director Won't Rush Clinton Email Inquiry
What Do You Do About Emotional Opt-Outs?
Making The Case For Mobile And Email Integration
Marketers Went Full Blast With Mother's Day Emails
Spotify's Storytelling Secrets Have Been Revealed
Adobe Debuts Attribution Model And Virtual Analyst App At EMEA Summit
Mother's Day Emails That Tapped Emotions Had Higher Open Rates
If There Were No Ads, How Much Would You Pay?
Skinny Cow Offers 'For Him' Package To Engage Female Fans
Front Helps Support Teams Put Emails to Task
Mailplane Makes Email Simple For Mac Users
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Jetlore Launches Content Personalization Tool
Return Path Upgrades Email Authentication
Vogue Takes on Email Etiquette
Scammers Pose as Dropbox in Spam Emails
Man Who Claims to Have Invented Email Sues Gawker for $35M
Clinton Emails Reveal Government's Two System Approach to Email: Classified & Unclassified
Gratefuless App Sends Users Daily Email Reminders
Real-Time Personalisation The Latest Tool In Driving Email Engagement
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Microsoft To Retire Email Application
State Dept Can't Find Clinton Texts or IT Pro's Emails
Salesforce Announces Marketing Cloud Lightning, Email Studio
British Health Clinic Fined After Revealing Patient Data in Email
Salesforce Matches With Google On Search, Gmail, YouTube
Man Pleads Guilty to Hacking Celebrity Email Accounts to Steal Scripts & Personal Data
Return Path's Nonprofit Aims to Help Adults Returning to the Workforce Find a Path Forward
Marketo, Vibes Partner For Mobile Marketing Automation
Akron Police Issue Warning Over Spam Email
Data Tells Why Brands Lag And Drag On Mobile
If It's Not The Snapchat Election, What Is It?
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, May 9, 2016
Act-On Software Releases New ABM Solution
The 272 Million Email Address Leaked on Dark Web Are Fake
NY Sees Uptick in Data Breaches
Microsoft Requiring Windows Live Mail Clients to Upgrade
Google Employee Data Breached in Email Mistake
Charles Schwab Tells Some Customers to Change Passwords After Potential Data Exposure
Marketo Expands Content Marketing Toolbox
Wanna Know What Customers Want? Why Not Just Ask Them?
A Firestorm, Financial Collapse -- And A Way Out?
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, May 6, 2016
How Email Metrics Foretold Indiana's Election Results
Massive Data Breach May Be Fake
Phishing Clicks Increase, Cloud Security Market Grows
FBI Will Interview Clinton In Email Probe
ValiMail Raises $1.5M For Email Authentication Platform
New Zealand Department Store Apologizes Over Mother's Day Email
UK Group Calls On Lawyers To Stop Sending Sensitive Information Via Email
Was Sending That Prince-Themed Email After His Surprise Death A Wise Move?
Customers Are Not Commodities. Why Does Advertising Treat Them Like They Are?
Everybody Ghosts, Sometimes
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, May 5, 2016
You May Want To Change Your Email Password
Russian Hacker is Selling 272 Million Consumer Email Logins
Targeting Digital Teens (Generation Z)
Adobe Acquires Livefyre For UGC Marketing
Trump Needs to Focus on Email to Get Ahead
Real-Time Data Layer Updates Audience Segments On The Fly
Clinton May Have to Testify in Email Case
Mobile, Social and Programmatic Fueling Internet Ad Growth
Microsoft Stresses 2-Step Verification in Light of Stolen Login Data
EasilyDo Mail App Lets Users Organize Their Inboxes by Category
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, May 4, 2016
What Women Want: Emotion, Family Key To Mother's Day Marketing
ISIS Prefers Gmail To Yahoo Mail
Targeting Digital Teens (Generation Z)
The Convergence Of Creative And Artificial Intelligence
Uber Delivers 15,000 Emails To Australian Government Via Horse And Buggy
How Email Is Unlocking Millennials' Display Potential
Why Reciprocity Matters In Email Marketing
The Canadian Government's Massive Email Migration Is Taking Longer Than Expected
Google Acquires Synergyse 'Virtual Coach'
SEC Opposes Email Privacy Act
EasilyDo Mail App Makes It Easy For Consumers To Turn Off Email Tracking
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Bernie Sanders Campaign Drops Lawsuit Against DNC
Software Developer Tracks His Own Email Usage For Three Years Email App Aims to Help Users Gain Control of Their Inboxes
Movable Ink Tool Now on Oracle Marketing App Cloud
Oracle Acquires Opower, Deepens Vertical Solutions
Bluewolf Releases Digital Marketing Assessment
George Manas Tapped To Run OMG's Resolution Media
Why Offline Media Needs Online-Style Measurability
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