Marketing D2C Weekly Editions for March 2020
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, March 30, 2020
Food Fixations: Digital Hits Its Limit
At-Home Food Shift More Dramatic Than 2008-09 Recession
In Largest Study Yet, Pandemic Fuels WhatsApp, Social Media, TV
Pure Michigan Offers Virtual Travel During Shelter-In-Place
Harry's Shave Co. Wants To Help Guys Keep Minds In Good Shape, Too
As On-Premises Dining Falls, Home Delivery Adds Jobs
Target Announces Surging Sales, Shifting Strategies
A Time Of Giving: Email Vendors Offer Free Support During COVID-19 Crisis
The Pandemic Barometer: Email Opens Are Up, But Revenue Down In Some Sectors
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, March 23, 2020
D2C Brands Brace For Hard-Knocks Lessons
Lands' End Heads To Kohl's, Shakes Off Sears Era
MistoBox Links With Ballotpedia As Coffee Subscriptions Steepen
Consumers Already Grading How Brands Respond To Crisis
Ecommerce Revenue And Conversions Down In Most Categories, COVID-19 Dashboard Says Offers Help During Work-At-Home Wave With Cookie-Less ID
Email Read Rates In Times Of A Pandemic
The COVID-19 Playbook: What Not To Put In Emails
Does Empathy Stall Click-Throughs? COVID-19 Study Suggests It Does
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, March 16, 2020
Founder's Spotlight: Honeypot CEO 'Grateful' For Hate Mail Pushback
Balancing Retail With D2C, Purple Crushes Expectations
COVID-19 Emails Should Be Short And Simple, Behaviorist Says
Some B2B Brands Are Falling Short On Personalization: Study
Microsoft Outlook To Add Profile Card Customization
Permanent Forgetfulness: Consumers Often Want To Opt Out But Can't: Study
Ikea Emails Customers With Instructions Amid Recall
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, March 9, 2020
With Rage Against Robinhood, Fintech Loses Some Cool
Gen Z's Favorite Social-Media Platform? None Of The Above
Real Estate Platform StreetEasy Paints NYC With Pulp-Noir OOH Blitz
Shopify Reaches Out To Etsy Sellers In Email: Report
Few SMBs Are Fully Compliant With GDPR: UK DMA
Wpromote Acquires Metric Digital To Expand D2C, Performance Marketing
Corralling Your Leads: Most Firms Are Investing In Marketing Lead Management
Are You A Fussbudget? Study Examines Types Who Spot Mistakes In Emails
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, March 2, 2020
Misfits' D2C Ambition To End Food Waste
Poshmark Tops 100 Million Orders
Online Strength Helped Best Buy Win The Holidays
Lowe's Gains, But Reveals Digital Struggles
The Top Ten Scams Of 2019
Apple Voted Top Marketing Company
Consumer Quid Pro Quo: They're Willing To Share Email For Promotions, Study Finds
Retailers Hit With Spam During Holidays: Report