Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for July 2020
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, July 30, 2020
It's The Stupidity, Stupid
Lawmaker Accuses Google Of Privacy 'Bait-And-Switch'
'Advertising,' 'Data' And 'Targeting' Loom Large During Big Tech Hearings
Sen. Hawley Unveils Bill Aimed At Curbing Personalized Ads
Rep. Jordan Asks Sundar Pichai To Assure Google Will Not Favor Biden
TikTok CEO Accuses Facebook Of Feigning 'Patriotism'
Bezos: Amazon Likely To Come To Terms For Fire TV Support Of HBO Max
New Hampshire Encourages Residents: 'Don't Go Viral'
Racial Injustice Protests Score High Nielsen Ratings
What Would Aaron Do?
State And Local Election Administrators Are Open To Phishing Attacks: Study
Rep. Nadler: Time To Break Up Facebook and Instagram
Kodak Gets $765M From Feds To Produce Key Pharma Ingredients
Hollywood And The Post-Pandemic World of Media
TAG To Merge With UK-Based Standards Group
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, July 23, 2020
It's The Pandemic, Stupid
Some Political Campaigns 'Fall Far Short' Of Ad Industry Guidelines
Facebook Takes Another Stab At Labeling Trump's Lies
Twitter Takes On QAnon
This Is How The End Of Freedom Starts, According To New Political Ad
White House Weighs Appeal In Battle Over Journalist's Press Pass
Republicans Try To Rope Twitter Into Antitrust Hearing
'Politico' B2C, B2B Businesses Grow, Staff Remains Home Through 2020
Suit Accuses Fox News' Hannity, Carlson, Others Of Sexual Misconduct, And Former Host Henry Of Rape
U.S. Will Pay Pfizer, BioNTech $1.95B For Promising COVID-19 Vaccine
Trump: A Childhood of Abuse
Leadership in a Moment of Change
COVID-19 Scams Proliferating Online, Lawmakers Told
Besieged TikTok Promises 10,000 New U.S. Jobs
Will Google's Ban On COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories Hurt Publishers?
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, July 16, 2020
Twitter Reeling From Hacker Attack
The Presidency Of Selling: 2016-20
Trump Sons Send Out Disapproving Campaign Emails
Facebook Mulling Ban Of All Political Ads: Reports
Amid Back-To-School Limbo, Old Navy Encourages Young Activists
U.S. Consumers Trust Brands More Than The Government
Hope's Not Dead, It's Just Been Handed Down
New York's Cuomo, Celebs Tell America To 'Mask Up' In New PSAs
'Find Something New' Campaign Targets Nation's Unemployed
Facebook Tries To Make Privacy Policy 'Approachable And Engaging'
TikTok Banned By More U.S. Organizations
Washington Redskins To Change Name, TV Marketers' Pressure At Work
Bari Weiss Resigns From 'New York Times,' Andrew Sullivan To Exit 'New York'
Country Time Offers Lemonade Stand 'Stimulus,' Calls Out Big Business
Government Urged To Establish Privacy Rules For Online Grocers
Horizon Finds Americans Aware Of Facebook As Ad Boycott Target
Inside YouTube's Bias Recommendation Bubble
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, July 2, 2020
MRC Asked To Audit Facebook Policies, Brand Safety Controls
In July, All Of Facebook Will Be 'Brand Unsafe'
Report: Zuckerberg Said Advertisers Will Be Back 'Soon Enough'
The Lincoln Project Baits Trump With Propaganda
Ad Condemns Trump For Sacrificing 'Greatest Generation' For Political Gain
Mindshare: Consumer Optimism Is A Lie
Twitch Issues Temporary Ban On Trump, 2,000 Subreddits Also Banned
Facebook Bans 220 'Boogaloo' Accounts; Talks With Ad Boycott Reps To Continue
Conservative Activists To Pursue 'Censorship' Battle Against Tech Companies
Big Brands Back Non-Ad-Supported, All-News Audio Network For Blacks
Most NASCAR Fans Support Confederate Flag Ban, 'Black Lives Matter' Messaging
Americans Talking About Racial Justice, COVID-19 Also Talk About Brands' Engagement With Issues
PEN America Opposes Trump Request For Appeal In Battle Over First Amendment
Who Was The Standout Star Of 1,500 Blogs? Take A Guess
For Social Influencers, All Roads Lead To... Kentucky?
Facebook To Seek Supreme Court Intervention In Privacy Battle Over 'Like' Button
Major News Stories Pushed Cable TV News Networks Higher
Facebook's News Feed Change Won't Quell Critics