Publishers Daily Editions for November 2023
Publishers Daily - Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023
Google Antes Up: Will Pay Canadian Publishers $100M Per Year
Jezebel Resurrected: Paste Magazine Acquires Title, And Is Bringing It Back
Gannett Rebuts Discrimination Suit Filed By 'Non-Minorities'
Alliance Entertainment Sets Up Publishing Venture To Sell Bookazines
Google Appoints Srinivasan To Run Ad Business
Self-Serve Programmatic Platform Adds YouTube, YouTube TV
Publishers Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023
Climate Pronunciamento: 'The Guardian' Refreshes Its Environmental Policy
The Washington Post Is Halting Its Advertising On X
Taboola and NBCUniversal News Group Extend Their Relationship
Vanessa Kingori Is Leaving Conde Nast Britain To Join Google
Judge Sides With FTC In Fight With Meta Over Teens' Data
YouTube Invests In Gaming, Launches Mini-Games For Paid Subscribers
Shopify Prevails In Privacy Lawsuit
Swirl Of Content: Brands Are Failing And Succeeding At Creation
Publishers Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023
'Harper's Bazaar' and 'Cosmopolitan' To Resume Publishing in Ukraine
Artem Fishman Named CTO At Dow Jones
'Sports Illustrated' Parent Rebuts 'Futurism' Expose
California Privacy Regulator Floats New Restrictions On Ad Profiling
Ad Market Expands For Fourth Consecutive Month, October Climbs 3.2%
Publishers Daily - Monday, Nov. 27, 2023
Union Hangs Tough: ProPublica Workers Fight Deal With Pittsburgh 'Post Gazette'
Vermont Town Pays Legal Costs Of Newspaper In Records Access Case
Andy Flynn To Serve As Editor/Publisher Of Adirondack Daily Enterprise
ACLU, Others Blast X Corp's Lawsuit Against Anti-Hate Speech Watchdog
Snapchat Rolling Out Ad-Free Subscription Tier
X Corp. Defeats Claim That Ad-Targeting Slip-Up Violated Washington State Law
Publishers Daily - Friday, Nov. 24, 2023
Eking Out A Win: Human Writers Beat AI In IBM Phishing Test
New Hampshire Publisher Goes On Trial For Failing To Label Political Ads
Amazon Fights Bid To Revive Claims Over Alexa Ad Targeting
NFL Continues To Advertise On X Despite Pressure From Broadcast Networks
AI Shows Ad Industry Its Future
Pitch-Perfect: Copywriters Spend The Most Time Finding The Right Tone
Publishers Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2023
Zucker's Back: Former CNN Head Is In On Possible Telegraph Deal
Publishers Oppose Seattle News Voucher Proposal
Union Blasts Pending Sale Of Newspaper by Lee Enterprises
Peter Kafka Named Chief Correspondent Of 'Business Insider'
Artificial Intelligence Will Make Ad-Filtering More Effective
Recent Ruling Against Meta Threatens Ad Targeting, Tech Industry Warns
Spotify To Revamp Revenue Model To Pay Artists An Additional $1B
Publishers Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2023
The USPS Won't Do: Publishers Are Being Hurt By Its Decline
Oregon Paper Cuts Print Page Size And May Do the Same With Ad Rates
Nieman Lab Now Has A WhatsApp Channel
'The Winsted Citizen' Is Being Shuttered: Report
Publishers Forecast To Lose $54B In Revenue From Ad-Blocking
Appeals Court Won't Intervene In Suit Against Google Over Alleged Overcharges
We Have Questions For Mark Zuckerberg
Publishers Daily - Monday, Nov. 20, 2023
Hoax News: Fox Sports Host Says She Made Up Quotes
Simbarashe Cha Joins 'New York Times' Staff As Visual Style Columnist
'Saveur' Magazine Returns To Print
'The Guardian' Launches Print Bookazine
Judge Refuses To Scrap X Corp. Deal With FTC Over Ad-Targeting Snafu
Microsoft Urges OpenAI Board To Reinstate Altman As CEO
Compass Presses Case Against Flywheel Digital
Publishers Daily - Friday, Nov. 17, 2023
News Drought: Medill Documents Staggering Loss Of Papers and Jobs
'The Washington Post' Makes Decision To Run Photos of AR-15 Killings
AP Plays Central Role In U.S. Elections, Executive Editor Says
Podcast Advertisers Offered Cookie-Free Targeting
Philly Inquirer Must Face Privacy Suit Over Facebook Pixel
Dow Jones Taps Mediahub To Work With New In-House Media Unit
Ban On Targeting Would Boost Newspapers, Promote Kids Safety, Advocacy Group Says
Microsoft To Make Its Own AI Chips, Rebrands Bing Chat
Departing GroupM Chief McDonald Joins Ziff Davis Board
Publishers Daily - Thursday, Nov. 16, 2023
Facebook Newsbreak: Social Channel Is First In News Consumption
Karlie Kloss Acquires 'i-D' Magazine From Vice
Gawker Acquired By Caldecott Owner: Reports
Former Gannett Executive Named Head Of Knight Foundation
Watchdog To FTC: X Corp. Dupes Users/Advertisers, Fails To Label Ads
Economic Impact On Performance
FTC Warns Influencers, Trade Groups Over Aspartame Ads
Yawning AI Gap: Few Firms Worldwide Are Ready To Deploy The New Technology
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