Swirl Of Content: Brands Are Failing And Succeeding At Creation

Marketers are gearing up to deliver a range of content in the near future, judging by The State of Digital Content 2024 Edition, a study from Canto, conducted by Ascend2. 

But they face serious challenges: 

  • Keeping up with increasing content demands for various channels — 51% 
  • Allocating adequate budget and/or resources — 43% 
  • Aligning teams for effective collaboration and/or efficient workflows — 42%
  • Locating and accessing assets efficiently — 33% 
  • Maintaining brand consistency — 32% 
  • Finding and/or implementing the right technology — 31% 
  • Inability to deliver at the speed of business — 26%



Marketers have set the following priorities for 2024:

  • Improve the customer experience — 56% 
  • Build brand awareness — 54%
  • Improve efficiency and collaboration — 51%
  • Grow and optimize team resources — 40% 
  • Increase content ROI — 38% 
  • Create and distribute more content — 35%

Are brands using AI technology to create content? Of those polled, 23% are not doing so and have no plans to in the coming year. But 42% are planning to use AI and 35% are now using AI.

However, AI presents its own dangers, including:

Potential quality issues or plagiarism — 65% 

Requires human prompts/review/vetting — 50% 

Too much content is created, which is hard to organize and manage — 30%

Lack of creativity and personalization — 30%

How do they measure success? They use these metrics:

Audience engagement — 56%

KPIs like website traffic, conversion rates, lead generation, and/or sales revenue — 55%

Quality and relevance of the content for your target audience — 55%

Costs to produce and distribute the content — 47%

Brand awareness — 47%

Looking forward, marketers see the role of AI evolving as follows over the next two years: 

  • AI will become essential for efficient content management — 32%
  • AI will play a role, but human oversight will remain critical — 54%
  • AI’s impact on content management will be limited — 6%
  • Unsure/No Opinion — 8%

Ascend2 surveyed 375 professionals who self-identified as being involved in the production, management, distribution, and/or strategy for content and creative assets at their organization.

The survey -- 65% of which took place in the U.S. and the remainder in the U.K. -- was conducted in October 2023. 

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