• Coming Soon to a Computer Near You: Original Video
    There are forces at work in the online marketplace that assure online video will continue to grow as an essential marketing tool.
  • I Hate Labels...
    People can't seem to wrap their heads around something unless it has an assigned value to it - a neat little compartment where it can be placed. It's as if there's a little man standing next to a large file cabinet inside our brains asking, "Where would you like this filed Sir/Madam?" This is especially true in the interactive space. Search, organic search, paid search, content, premium content, wireless, WAP (it stands for Wireless Access Protocol), blog, message board, Web site design, relationship marketing, CRM, direct marketing, direct response, rich media, and the list goes on and on.
  • The New Rich Media Metric: "Real Time Spent"
    In a couple of his Spin columns, Mark Naples asked, "How do you measure your rich media campaigns?" In response, Thomas Deierlein of Dynamic Logic wrote, "We need to use standard ad effectiveness metrics. We cannot get back into the same world we were in back in 1996-1999 where online is inventing new metrics and measures for our medium and that marketers understand, use for all media, and value. We need to focus on the standard metrics that start with the goals and objectives of the campaign."