• Opportunity Knocks
    Sometimes the speed at which this industry advances is darn impressive. (Sometimes, as in the case of Hollywood's technophobia--not so much.) But, persevering with the positive for a the moment, the sight of pioneering publishers uploading their content to the video podcasting section of the iTunes music store just a week after Steve Jobs unveiled the streaming gadget is impressive indeed.
  • Fall, In Love
    I've long thought of autumn as my pet season in the city for many reasons: the town never looks cleaner, thanks to a coating of cooked leaves and gusting winds; the soundtrack from Woody Allen's filmography echoes through the streets ("When You're Smiling" a la "Mighty Aphrodite," for instance); and grown men and women, many of whom spent the summer dressing like six-year-olds, have upgraded to age-appropriate fashions. But, more than any other, it's the time of year's bracing temperature--mixing a sense of ease and urgency--that really gets to me, and it's with this mix in mind that I'll run …
  • Streaming Dreams
    I recently had what I'm sure will prove to be a prophetic dream, one inspired by Steve Jobs--the Willy Wonka of 21st century technology--and his latest invention: the video iPod. Passing through a city too much like Tokyo to be New York, I descend stained steps into a subway filled with commuters, each attached to a video iPod. But not the original video iPod that Jobs debuted last week; these are customized models that come in a variety of shapes to meet the needs of their owners. The real tailoring is found within the devices' shells, however; each one contains …
  • Thinking Inside The Box
    Picture midtown Manhattan at midday. You're walking along with important things to do, until, abruptly, a hand yanks you off your route and into some shop for a sales pitch. No sane merchant would think of it, right? Not in the real world, maybe. But in the world of online commerce, it's standard practice.
  • A Little Older, A Little Wiser
    The online ad industry has grown up a bit -- an observation I heard repeated throughout OMMA East and its press coverage. Panels of a few years back with names like "Search: What The Heck Is It?!" have been replaced with titles such as "Integrated Search Planning: How Organic, Sponsored and Paid Can Optimize All Media Spends," and so forth.