Search Marketing Daily Editions for November 2018
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018
The Search For Consumers Without Brand Loyalty
Centro Signs On 100 Agencies In 2018, Budgets 150 New Hires For 2019
Blockthrough Acquires PageFair To Support Publishers With Ad-Blocking Analytics
FTC Rules Against 1-800 Contacts In Battle Over Search Ads
Online Shoppers Want Personalized Messages: Study
Virtual Reality Tapped For Touring Vacation Homes
MarTech Effectiveness in 2018
Kiwi For Gmail Rolls Out Focus Filtered Inbox
Google Integrates Google Assistant Routines Into Android Clock App
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018
52% Of Consumers Oppose Retail Stores Opening On Thanksgiving Day
LinkedIn Revamps Pages From Scratch, Making It Interactive
Google My Business App Turns Into A Personalized Social Network
JBL Touts Voice-Activated Speaker In Holiday Campaign
Spotlight On Smart Speakers: Facebook's Portal Faces Trust Challenges
Yahoo Finance Readying Subscription Service
Kiwi For Gmail Rolls Out Focus Filtered Inbox
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018
IAB: Mobile Search Rose 37% To $13.5B In First Half Of 2018
Google Internet Traffic Routed Through China, Russia, Nigeria During Brief Outage
PwC: 64% Of Companies Spend 5% Of Revenue On Digital
AT&T Calls For National Privacy Law
Holiday Shoppers Turn To Tech-Powered Purchasing
'California Sunday,' Google Pixel Collaborate On Special Issue, Photography Exhibit
Digital Video Ad Spend Is Accelerating
Digital Media Solutions Acquires Fosina
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, Nov. 12, 2018
Apple To Make History On Amazon
Weather's Influence On Demand Determines Media Buying
The Brands Affected By Consumers' Trust
Oath Debuts Programmatic Audio Ads, Metrics
Facebook, Google And Apple Hit With New Lawsuit Over Location Tracking
The Least-Trusted Brand For Data Protection Is Facebook, Study Shows
Can You Hear Me Now? Why Audio -- Not Voice -- Is Already The Next New Thing
Privacy Violations Embarrass Consumers, Harm Job Prospects, Watchdog Tells NTIA
World's First AI News Anchor Debuts In China
The 'FT' Launches Podcasts For Smart Speakers
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, Nov. 9, 2018
63% Of CMOs Expect Advertising Budgets To Rise In 2019
Google Warns About Tricky Subscription Signups, Threatens Websites Abusing Ads
Google Taps David Feinberg To Head Health-Related Efforts
TripAdvisor Reduces Google Search, TV Ad Spend In Q3 2018
Eric Schmidt Takes Blame For Google's Social Network Failures
Google CEO Addresses Company's Controversies
GDPR Complaints Filed Against Acxiom, Oracle And Credit Bureaus
Sephora Voice Tutorials Added To Google Home Hub
Google Bows To One Demand By Protesters
Amazon Adds Alexa To Windows 10 PCs
Kroger Adds Google Voice Assistant For Grocery Commerce
Yahoo News Relaunches App With Fact Checks, Multiple Sources
Data And Analytics Are The Biggest Martech Challenges: Study
IAB Tech Lab Releases Final Version Of VAST 4.1
eDataSource Launches Tool That Offers Visibility Into Gmail Deliverability
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018
Consumers Say Marketers Do Customer Experience Wrong
Bing, Microsoft's Largest AI Platform, Defines The Ad Strategy
ContentSquare, Dynamic Yield Partner To Identify Consumer Intentions
Microsoft Cortana Lead To Leave By End Of Year
Google Should Rethink Censorship Policies, EFF Says
'Guardian' Launches Voice Lab To Create Audio Journalism
AdLedger Group Issues 'Blockchain & Advertising Special Report'
Google Plans To Expand In NYC
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018
Search Leads In Driving Election Day Online Sales
Google Adds Four Metrics For Search Ad Positions
Data Breaches Could Negatively Impact Online Holiday Sales
Supreme Court Calls For More Information In Google Privacy Battle
Sponsor Of Broadband Privacy Repeal Elected To Senate
Etsy Offers Holiday Gifts 'Made With Love'
Sell Your Challenger Brands
Facebook View Tags Are Gone -- Now What?
A Guide To Integrating Email Marketing With SEO
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018
Will Advertising Spend Determine Midterm Election Political Outcome?
Google Donates $1 Million To World Wide Web Foundation
Tim Berners-Lee's Startup To Decentralize The Web, Take Power From Google And Facebook
How Google Is Stealing Your Ad Budget Without Your Knowledge
Oath Rebranded In Verizon Restructuring
Google And Facebook Sign 'Magna Carta,' But Will They Do A King John?
5 Million Autonomous Vehicles Projected By 2022
LG Developing Smart Cart That Follows Shopper
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, Nov. 5, 2018
Consumers Want Less Tech, More Human Interaction
Microsoft, Walmart Expand Cloud Partnership To Engineering, Open Texas Facility
White House Weighs Antitrust Push Against Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook
Partnerize Closes $9M Funding Round To Help Companies Build Partnerships
Consumers, Industry Split On Ethical Use Of Data To Target People Subconsciously
Targeting Options Divide Advertisers
Facebook Blames Malicious Browser Extensions For Latest Privacy Breach
The New Challenges In Search Engine Security
The Voice Disconnect -- Are Brands Crazy, Or Savvy?
AT&T Connects 24 Million Cars; Automakers Add Networked Services
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, Nov. 2, 2018
Google Will Learn From Its Mistakes Without Financial Hit
Google Worldwide Walkout: What Organizers Demand
Agencies See Google Ads Connected TV CPMs Drop For Advertisers
Captivate Unveils 'Places,' Enables Advertisers To Target Office Workers Based On Centralized Data
Retailers Adding Virtual, Augmented Reality
Spotify Looks For Headcount Boost With Google Home Mini Giveaway
'All Stars' Inductees Unveiled
Break Up The Internet Giants? Is Berners-Lee Right?
Changing The Channel: How To Navigate E-Commerce Marketing Choices
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