Television News Daily Editions for November 2023
Television News Daily - Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023
TV Topics No One Talks About Anymore
Musk Says Advertisers Trying To 'Blackmail' Him, Tells Them To 'Go F-Yourself'
NASCAR Strikes New TV Deals With Amazon, TNT, Renews Existing Deals
More Consumers Now Launch TV Viewing Via Smart TV Apps Than Set-Top Boxes
Amazon Scores Another Live Sports Coup, With NASCAR
Instacart Bundles In Access To Peacock Streaming For Free
Survey Finds High Intent To Start Using Or Spend More On Addressable TV
U.S. Pay-TV Subs Outnumbered By Streaming Services For The 1st Time
Streaming TV/Movie Library Shows: The Mothership Of The Business
Television News Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023
Dan Aykroyd Clocks In For Tour Of The BizarroWorld
Disney Town Hall With Bob Iger: No Decision On Linear TV Deals
Q3 National TV, Video Ads Sink 3.2%: Madison And Wall
Survey Finds High Intent To Start Using Or Spend More On Addressable TV
Brian Wieser Boosts Ad Outlooks Nearly A Percentage Point
Self-Serve Programmatic Platform Adds YouTube, YouTube TV
AI-Powered Analytics Changing The Game For The NFL, In Real-Time
QSRs Are Top NFL Advertisers
Taboola and NBCUniversal News Group Extend Their Relationship
Could Demanding Sports Leagues Give TV Networks, Streamers A Break?
Walmart Loves Drama: Cue the RomCommerce
Fragile But Resilient
Television News Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023
Maniscalco's 'Bookie' Is A Sure Bet For Max
College Football Up 15% In Impressions, 19% In TV Ad Spend
Streamers Continue To Spend Billions On New TV, Movie Content: Analysts
Simulmedia To OpenX: Cease And Desist TV+
Former Nielsen Exec Matt Pagen Joins ThinkAdvertising
Big 6 Streamers Projected To Add 195M Subs By 2029
Go Addressable Adds Paramount, Becomes Official Trade Org
Streaming-Theater Film Distribution Still Searching For A Cure
Television News Daily - Monday, Nov. 27, 2023
What The Dickens? Hulu Has New Take On The Artful Dodger
Box Office, TV Ad Spend Rises, But Not To Pre-Pandemic Levels
Disney's 'Wish' Unfulfilled: Grosses Just $19.5M Over T-Day Weekend
Ad Market Expands For Fourth Consecutive Month, October Climbs 3.2%
Ad Spend Wasted On Invalid Traffic Could Reach $72B In 2024
Microsoft Expands Its Retail Media Network
Paramount Global For Sale? For Most, This Always Means CBS
A Tale Of Two Parades
Television News Daily - Friday, Nov. 24, 2023
TV's Perennial Christmas Classics Are Ready For Their Close-ups
Streamer Reach Weakens Due To Seasonality, Hollywood Strikes
SabioTV Redefines Diversity
Is Streaming Sustainable For The Long Term? Look Back 30 Years For A Clue
Krispy Kreme Buddies Up With Warner Bros. For 'Elf'-Inspired Collection
Social Media Are Key Source For Holiday Gift Ideas
Television News Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2023
Three Shows To Look For Coming Soon
Global Streaming Revenue Estimated To Rise 14% For 2023, Slower Growth Ahead
OpenX Rebrand Gives New Meaning To 'TV+,' Simulmedia Says It Violates Trademark
NFL Continues To Advertise On X Despite Pressure From Broadcast Networks
Eagles-Chiefs 'MNF' Rematch Earns 29M Viewers
Spending Growth For Open Programmatic CTV Ads Slowed In Q3
Nearly 300 Brands Have Slashed Advertising On X/Twitter
Hispanics Lean Into New Video Experiences, Including AR/VR, Second Screen, Shoppable TV
Correction: Truth Social Losses Actually $31.6M, Not $73M
FCC Proposes Ban On Pay-TV Early Termination Fees
Hateful Content - All Costs: Is There A CPM?
Las Vegas Super Bowl Host City Promotes 'Excessive Celebration' In Campaign
Zucker's Back: Former CNN Head Is In On Possible Telegraph Deal
Giving Thanks
Television News Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2023
Watch Your Language: 'Executive-Produced' Is Not A Word
Sports Boost October Broadcast Viewing Share, Netflix Has 8 Of 10 Top Shows
Wieser: Streaming Price Hikes May Be Working Against Pay TV
Global Pay-TV Penetration Projected To Fall For 1st Time In 2024
Philo TV Promotes Genres, 'Better' Content
Hey There: Attention Metrics Stifled By Lack Of Resources
Streaming Bundling Sounds Good - But Who Really Benefits?
Television News Daily - Monday, Nov. 20, 2023
New, Fifth Incarnation Of 'Fargo' Packs Powerful Punch
OpenX Eliminates Resellers, Non-TV Content In New CTV Solution
Disney, Apple, Lionsgate Pull Ads From X After Elon Musk's Remarks
New 'Hunger Games' Domestic Film $44M Opening: Still Hungry
Roku, Unity Help Mobile Apps Acquire Users Via CTV
Streamer Loyalty Persists Amid Effects Of Hollywood Strikes
Living In A War Zone
Univision Shifting To A Trump Presidential Viewing Game: Will Advertisers Follow?
Hoax News: Fox Sports Host Says She Made Up Quotes
Havas Media Buys Time From Impact Network For Resale To Clients
In Duolingo's YouTube Sitcom, Lily Endures Suburban Hell
Television News Daily - Friday, Nov. 17, 2023
TV's Cagey Game Shows Climb Walls, Hit Floors
Amazon Bakes Interactive Ads Into First Black Friday Football Game
Streaming Users Increasingly 'Like' Having Many Choices, Study Finds
JD Power: Live Streamers Command Far Higher Loyalty Than Cable/Satellite, YouTube TV Rules
Samsung Touts FAST Viewership Growth, Product Update
Paramount+ Partners With Formula 1 To Promote Shows
Hispanic Creators Become 'Authenticators' For PepsiCo Campaign
'Cats Lose Their Cool' In Temptations' Retro-Themed Holiday Ad
As Social Media Gains Younger News Consumers, More Legacy TV Concerns?
What Is Premium Video?
Why All Marketing Should Be Niche
Digital Revenue Profitability Confusing For Local Media Companies
Television News Daily - Thursday, Nov. 16, 2023
TV Stations' Pay TV Affiliate Revenue Will See Erosion: Wells Fargo
'Young Sheldon' To Bow Out In May After Seven Seasons
Oversaturation Poses Danger For 2024 Political Advertisers
Linear TV Maintains Strong Sports, News Viewing Share
YouTube TV Drives vMVPDs To 20% Share Of Pay-TV Subscribers
Active Attention Launches With Deterministic Measurement
Gameview Debuts Ad Tech Platform, Helps Marketers Target Specific Audiences
54% Of Smart TVs Now Used For Streaming Only, Just 5% For Pay-TV/OTA Content Only
Netflix: Seeking A New Live Sports Pitch?
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