USPS, Charmin, Samsung Ran Most-Liked TV Ads

The United States Postal Service, Charmin and Samsung ran the most “likeable” commercials during the first half of 2022, according to the latest “TV Advertising Snapshot” report from

Johnny Cash delivered for USPS, whose “We Go Everywhere” spot featured that classic Johnny Cash song as it showed the …

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  1. Jonathan May from HorseTV Global, August 5, 2022 at 3:58 p.m.

    The expression "Putting lipstick on a pig" is very appropriate when it comes to the USPS.  They are STILL charging nearly $9.00 for Priority Mail which has NO priority, and no mechanism to move it any faster than a First CLass Stamp.  Read the GAO findings on Priority Mail, it only creates the "illusion" that there is something special about it.  Their 2-3 day delivery time is post office to post office, not to the recipient. YOU pay 16 times MORE than a First Class stamp for the same identical service and speed of (or lack of) service.  Apparently they are spend the millions made on a non-service to have Johnny Cash sing about it.  Maybe if they put some speed into the delivery, they just might have something, but better to rake in the bucks and provide NOTHING for it, and get away with it.

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