Storytelling Q&A With A CSR Expert
I recently connected with Susan McPherson (@susanmcp1), head of communications consultancy McPherson Strategies, to discuss the role of corporate storytelling in CSR and sustainability initiatives. Susan, named one of the "Smartest Women on Twitter" by "Fast Company" magazine and the founder of the popular bi-weekly #CSRChat, has spent her career focusing on the intersection between brands and social good.» 0 Comments
Changing The Conversation
Cigarettes are where the realization first dawned. Not the one you're thinking of. Not the unalterable and horrific truth about what cigarette-smoking can do to you. No, I'm talking about the incredibly simple, yet impossibly hard to accept epiphany that telling people something is bad for them does not mean they will stop doing it. No, not even if you show them incontestable facts and get a legion of serious-looking men in white coats to testify.» 0 Comments
Countdown To Earth Day: There's Still Time To Take Action
Much has changed since the first Earth Day (1970) in the U.S. - the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts. Since 1990, the movement has gone global, lifting environmental issues onto the world stage.» 0 Comments
Climate Change Denier's Estate Could Go Underwater - Literally
On Wednesday the Obama administration announced a new website created with data visualization tools to make it easier for Americans to see the effects of climate change on their communities that are all but certain to occur within the coming years. True to a government-made website, is hard to use, but after a bit of tinkering I was able to find an interesting mapping tool that showed the likely impact of sea level rise on coastal communities.» 2 Comments
New Study Finds Social Media Best Practices for Sustainability Storytelling
Corporate storytelling has emerged as a powerful strategy to engage and inspire audiences on topics ranging from launching new products, to support recruitment, and notably to discuss sustainability initiatives, programs and progress. Alongside the rise of sustainability storytelling, social media has become a valued tool to bring corporate initiatives to life in the digital age.» 0 Comments
The Impossibility Of Ending
"People change the world," writes Elizabeth Kolbert, in her excellent and very frightening book, The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History. As you may have guessed if you read this column, she doesn't mean in a good, Joan of Arc-Gandhi-Dr.King-Einstein way. In the history of life on earth, there have been five extinctions. But none as great as the one we are now engineering through our population, our technologies and, finally, by our refusal to think beyond short-term gratification.» 0 Comments
Trade Secrets From An Eco-preneur - Aligning With Sustainable Causes
Many brands today are looking to align themselves with sustainable causes, but may be challenged and confused by how to make it happen. As a follow-up to last month's post, "Is a Sustainable App in Your Future?," I interviewed Tom Corbett, general manager at Indiecentive.» 0 Comments
The Green Tea Party Movement
Al Gore and Rush Limbaugh just got married.» 1 Comments
When Going Green Is Uncomfortable ...
I'll be the first to admit it - sometimes the more environmentally responsible lifestyle decision is also the choice that is inconvenient, uncomfortable and just plain hard. The small, everyday adjustments that we make to live more sustainable lives - walking instead of driving, shopping with reusable bags versus plastic bags, washable napkins or tissues instead of disposable ones - collectively make a significant difference in improving the state of the planet, but also require more time, more planning, and more effort from us.» 0 Comments
It's Not Too Late
Yes, I know it's February. Which is really not the time to talk about New Year's Resolutions. That said, considering the state of the planet, maybe every month is a good time to talk about the actions we can take to reverse global warming.» 0 Comments
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