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3D Printing and the Future of Creation

The personal fabrication revolution is well underway. The rise of consumer 3D printing hardware and services has fundamentally changed the landscape of producing, sharing and selling “things." From home decor and jewelry to robots and food, people are now equipped with the tools to print almost anything.

Join Huge along with Makerbot, Shapeways and GothamSmith in a panel discussion on how 3D printing will drive the creative and consumer community. Our discussion will focus on the future of this technology and how the easing of technical and financial barriers will impact various industries.

Shapeways is a start-up that uses 3D printing to help people make, buy and sell anything they want.

Makerbot Industries is a New York-based company specializing in producing open source hardware, specifically 3D printers.

GothamSmith is an online retailer specializing in 3D printed jewelry and accessories.

Can't make it? No Problem! Watch it live here

Contact: Huge Communications Huge , 7182333953, ahamid@hugeinc.com

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