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  • January 23
    • New York, New York
      Jan. 23, 2018 - Jan. 25, 2018

      Masters of Media Selling

      Seminar/Workshop ★ Featured
      Tags: AdvertisingMedia Buying/Selling

      Masters of Media Selling is dedicated to winning the competition for advertising revenue through strategy, tactics and training. Sales skills are important, but your ‘go-to-market’ strategy and the ‘value proposition’ you offer to prospective advertisers is equally important.
      Masters of Media Selling has become recognized as the premiere advertising sales training curricula, because it asks and answers the question:  How can I win MORE sales.  Not how can I win some sales.  We show how to win more sales when your media is a toss-up vs. it’s competition. 
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  • January 24
  • January 25
    • New York, New York
      Jan. 25, 2018 - Jan. 25, 2018

      Creative Media Awards

      Awards/Nomination ★ Featured
      Tags: Advertising

      The Creative Media Awards came to life thirteen years ago when MediaPost saw a need for a different kind of advertising awards show, one that recognized creativity in media. Creative Media Awards is the only awards competition that honors creativity in the media industry. We value the idea that drove the campaign along with the execution of the idea. The Creative Media Awards expresses our belief that media--the process of buying, planning and strategy--is every bit as creative as depicting storyboards for a print or TV ad campaign. Read more

  • January 27
  • January 30
    • New York, New York
      Jan. 30, 2018

      Forecast 2018

      Conference/Events ★ Featured
      Tags: AdvertisingMarketingMedia Buying/SellingMedia Planning

      So much fragmented attention. So many online and offline channels. Just so much budget.

      As media buyers face the dizzying complexities of a new attention economy, how and where will they allocate their resources now and in the future? MediaPost’s Forecast 2018 spends a morning taking the near and long-term view. In two panel discussions, we gather the top agency media strategists and brands to review both their 2018 plans and their expectations for the media landscape over the next five years. Can even the best media futurists predict where the attention, money, innovation will go in an atmosphere of frenetic change?

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  • February 05
    • Grindelwald, Switzerland, International
      Feb. 5, 2018 - Feb. 8, 2018

      Email Insider Summit: Europe

      Conference/Events ★ Featured
      Tags: AdvertisingMarketing

      Customers are at the end of every email that you send, yet some marketers overwhelm are still overwhelming customer inboxes. The best way to create connections is to get to know your customer through the behaviors they share when they engage with your brand, be it site browsing, email clicks or purchases. No matter what the channel, email is the connective tissue to understating customers online through its ample data. As email marketers adopt technologies like CRM dashboards, AI and DMPs, the key to creating a better customer experience is in the data. In our signature "true summit" format - intimate, highly interactive, casual - the Winter edition of the Email Insider Summit Europe will explore how brands can navigate the email landscape to create more hospitable experiences for consumers in 2018.Read more

  • March 07
  • March 11
    • Austin, Texas
      March 11, 2018 - March 14, 2018

      Brand Marketers Insider Summit

      Conference/Events ★ Featured
      Tags: AdvertisingBranded ContentMarketing

      Think big, but stay accountable. Brand marketers are being pulled in two directions at once. Build customer "experiences" not promotions, they are being told. Your consumer isn't in a "funnel" but on a "journey." The best brands don't just sell stuff; they tell grand stories. And yet just as marketers struggle to break through ad clutter with compelling content, marketing departments are expected to show ROI and increasingly to be profit centers themselves.

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  • March 28
    • New York, New York
      March 28, 2018

      Marketing Automotive Awards

      Conference/Events ★ Featured
      Tags: Marketing

      The Marketing Automotive Awards honor agencies and advertisers who are excelling in today's myriad forms of communication and rewriting the handbook on automotive marketing.Read more

    • New York, New York
      March 28, 2018

      Marketing Automotive at the N.Y. Auto Show

      Conference/Events ★ Featured
      Tags: AdvertisingMarketing

      This March, the New York International Auto Show will spotlight production, near-production, and concept vehicles that speak volumes about how automakers are addressing a future of connected cars, alternative power-train technology, and quickly evolving consumer expectations and desires. At Jacob Javits Convention Center, MediaPost will take a hard look at how marketers are addressing transformation. Our Marketing Automotiveconference will, for example, ponder the paradox of the younger automotive prospect: is the car still the embodiment of freedom for the next generation, or merely a rolling connected "appliance"? How are automakers handling transformation in the digital landscape to generate efficiencies and create content that inspires consumers? How about the luxury market, which is now in flux as new players enter the fray, and mass market brands introduce their own definitions of "premium". Also in transformation: the U.S. population, whose changing makeup will soon render the terms “general market” and “diversity market” irrelevant. Finally, we will look at the connected car, and the power of telematics/infotainment platforms as sub-brands and de facto marketing channels. Or course, no conference on marketing would be complete without some great examples of campaigns and strategies automakers are using today.Read more

  • April 22
    • Captiva Island, Florida
      April 22, 2018 - April 25, 2018

      Email Insider Summit

      Conference/Events ★ Featured
      Tags: AdvertisingMarketing

      Email continues to be the most direct and persistent connection between a brand and its customer across time and channels. But as the market swells with data-driven decisions, higher levels of automation and now even self-driving AI, the challenge for marketers is keeping their messaging relationships with customers, simple, personal, human.   
      The spring 2017 edition of MediaPost's Email Insider Summit will highlight marketers learning to aim the latest trends in messaging, tech and distribution at marketing goals, not gadgetry. We will feature people-based marketing that builds longer term lifecycle relationships with consumers, not just executes immediate campaigns.Read more

  • April 25
    • Captiva Island, Florida
      April 25, 2018 - April 28, 2018

      Search Insider Summit

      Conference/Events ★ Featured
      Tags: Marketing

      At MediaPost's Search Insider Summit, experts will share best practices on how to improve and customize the consumer experience when creating image-based product listing ads; scaling search campaigns on niche search engines, social or retail Web site; integrating search with video and television ads, and more. From using search as the backbone for omni-channel campaigns that personalize the experience, to finding the key to focus on audiences and experience over message.

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  • May 02
  • May 15
    • New York, New York
      May 15, 2018 - May 16, 2018

      Marketing AI

      Conference/Events ★ Featured
      Tags: AdvertisingMarketing

      Artificial intelligence is unquestionably the buzzword du jour in marketing and advertising today, as brands, ad agencies, media companies and services suppliers of all stripes ramp up investment in new AI-driven capabilities.

      Why, AI? As digital advertising has crystallized around one-to-one targeting, the idea is that machine learning can help advertisers reach more and better targeted segments in real-time and at greater scale than has been possible during the reign of the middleman-rich ecosystem currently underpinning programmatic advertising. It’s a brave new world, indeed, driven by bots, software robots or agents programmed to perform specific tasks that learn over time how to perform those tasks more efficiently.

      For consumers, the most popular early application of AI is the chatbot, computer programs that conduct conversations via text or voice, often using natural language processing, or instructions that empower bots to use, understand and learn from human language.

      At MediaPost’s first-ever Marketing: AI, you will hear from marketers and agencies experimenting with different forms of AI that exist on a variety of platforms, including Amazon’s Alexa, Facbeook’s Messenger, Salesforce’s Einstein, and others. From “conversational commerce” chatbots that carry out customer service functions as well as commercial transactions, to voice/text-based bots designed to become your personal assistant, to full-fledged AI-powered digital media buying programs, the marketing applications are numerous, and growing.

      This is not a fad, folks. Marketing: AI has arrived. If you’re not investing in—or at the very least, considering—artificial intelligence as a game changer for your business, then you’re likely already one step behind.

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  • May 16
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