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  • August 22
    • Lake Tahoe, California
      Aug. 22, 2018 - Aug. 25, 2018

      Data & Programmatic Insider Summit

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      After a decade of substantial growth as well as ongoing growing pains, programmatic advertising and data driven marketing appear to be entering a new maturity. At the Data & Programmatic Insider Summit we will explore how media buyers are advancing the quality, transparency, accountability, measurability and even the creativity of data-driven ads.

      We will explore how marketers are engaging a range of new tools, standards and techniques that are helping to normalize digital advertising. How are media buyers embracing new marketplace tools and dynamics on both the buy side and sell side? Will emerging protocols and standards succeed in improving transparency and supply chain trust in 2018? How will advertisers leverage data to improve both the targetability and creativity of video storytelling? And can mechanized advertising learn from the machines themselves in ways that improve not only efficiency but user experience. 

      We will cover:

      • Rethinking video storytelling in a targeted, screen-agnostic world
      • Can data drive improved user experiences?
      • How supply path optimization, header bidding and first price auctions impact buyer strategies
      • How initiatives like ads.txt may suppress fraud and improve transparency 
      • What we have learned about the true cost/benefit of brining programmatic in-house
      • Will AI and machine learning change the data game for marketers?
      • Leveraging the mobile in mobile 
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