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Brand Marketers Summit

People-based marketing is poised to change everything you do. The emerging models of true one-to-one, highly personal, addressable and real-time connections with your customer challenge traditional audience segmentation and campaign-based advertising, to be sure. But they also promise to reorganize your approach to technology, data, content and even staffing.

This is going to take a rethink.

About building deep first party data sets on customers and a “single source of truth.” About connecting virtual communication to offline behaviors. About how you define and collect key data points. About leveraging more intelligent machines that automate the complex customer interactions and media buying these radically personalized approaches. About changing your approach to content creation to more closely match real-time, always-there interactions with consumers. 

The annual Lake Tahoe Brand Marketing Insider Summit goes one-to-one to explore how the next generation of addressable, real-time marketing will impact both your brands and your customers.  

Contact: Maya Abulashvili MediaPost Communications , 212-204-2000, maya@mediapost.com

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