AI & IoT Daily Editions for August 2015
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Aug. 31, 2015
Wearables & Getting Closer to the Consumer
FTC Convenes Privacy Conference, Asks 'Whitehat' Researchers To Contribute Reports
More Targeted Shopper Marketing Seen from IoT
Consumer Interest In Wearables Fading Fast
Government Puts Up $75 Million to Develop Wearables
Volkswagen Shows Autonomous Stroller to Market
Cars Send Information to Drivers' Smartphones
Apple Watch Sales Data May Be Better Than It Has Hinted
Because Of Uber, Self-Driving Cars Will Be Everywhere -- And Soon
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Aug. 28, 2015
46% of Retailers Move to Beacons; 71% Learning Buying Patterns
Mall Shoppers in 12 States to Get Beaconed
Insurance Companies Marketing IoT for Better Rates
More Shoppers Finding Apple Watches
Security in Connected Devices Trumps Marketing
Beacons Challenged by Consumer Benefits
When Coffee Buys Itself, Brand Loyalty Takes on a Whole New Meaning
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Aug. 27, 2015
11% Plan to Get a Wearable Fitness Tracker, 71% Don't
Best Buy Begins Marketing Apple Watch
Connected TV Homes Show Continued Growth
Uber Sets Up Self-Driving Car Project
Android Wear Watches Coming Next Week
Verizon Launches Gadget to Make Old Cars 'Smart'
Lycos Inventor Michael Mauldin Returns As Company Tackles IoT
Study Shows How Cell Phone Use Upsets Social Bonds
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2015
51% of Marketers See Internet of Things as Biggest Impact Trend
Google Readies Its Beacon Approach to Market
J.D. Power Finds Consumers Diss Car Tech
Qualcomm Bypasses Ad Campaign to Highlight IoT
Samsung Smart Fridge Open to Attack
Text Messaging When Mail Arrives May Have to Wait
Spotify CEO: Sorry -- Sorta
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2015
Elle Magazine Taps Beacons for Levi's, Guess, Vince Camuto
Swatch Adding Smartwatch Models; Could Include Payments
Indoor Magnetic Location App Launches for Marketing
Wide Customer Base, Big Data Seen As Keys in IoT
Smart Fridge, TV Caught Sending Spam Email
Intel Turns to TV for IoT Marketing
Making Data Visual
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Aug. 24, 2015
Wearables & Leading to the Marketing Messaging
Ralph Lauren First Out Of Gate With Luxury Smart Shirt
Shoppers Now Can Buy Apple Watch Without Appointment
Absolut Offers VR Concert Experience; Mtn Dew's Latest VR Stars Earnhardt Jr.
Amazon Looks Past Drones for Deliveries
Opportunity for Beacon Marketing Grows
Large IoT Spending for Shopping in Market Forecast
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Aug. 21, 2015
Retailers' Top Department for IoT Benefit: 55% Say Customer Service
Macy's Tests 'Smart' Fitting Rooms for Shoppers
No Marketing in the Dugout; MLB Bans Apple Watch
Intel Puts Marketing Muscle Behind IoT
Square Cash Added to Apple Watch
New Wearable Replaces Need for Passwords
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015
89% See IoT Impacting Customer Engagement 'Very Significantly'
Target Marketing Showcases IoT Devices
Company Aims to Reduce Friction in IoT Shopping
Richard Branson Backs A Streaming. . . Doorbell
More Stores for Drones, IoT Gadget Shopping Open
Smart Heating App Exposed as 'Burglar's Dream'
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2015
Advertising on the Move: Beacons Added to Double-Decker Buses
Google OnHub WiFi Router Connects IoT Devices
Food Store Chain Grows Shopper Engagements with Beacons
Gimbal Partners With Do It Outdoors Media To Promote Beacon Tech
Amazon In-Home Shopping Buttons Have Limitations
New Ways to Reach Consumers Seen in Digital Marketing
Google Leans on Apps for IoT in the Home
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2015
Marketing Disruption in Customer Relationships Projected
JFK Taps Beacons to Show Line Wait Times
Amazon Pins Hopes on In-Home Shopping
Car Makers Look to Innovation in Infotainment, Mobility
Europe's Largest Retailer Adds More Beacons
Apple Gets Patent for Beacon Indoor Location Tracking
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