AI & IoT Daily Editions for January 2018
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018
NRF 2018: Robots Roam The Store, Check Products On Shelves
Augmented Reality Brings Dead To Life On Wine Bottles
AI, IoT Driving Tech Spending To $3.7 Trillion This Year, Says Gartner
Google Teaches AI To Build AI For Beginners, Starts With Images
Voice Hardware Gains Momentum At CES
Games To Be Live Streamed In Virtual Reality
Amazon Extends Echo Spot To U.K. Market
Samsung Set To Release Galaxy S9 At Mobile World Congress
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018
Facial Recognition Big At NRF Big Show
Tesla Getting More Voice Control Options
Microsoft's Technology Comprehends What It Reads Faster Than Humans
Google's IoT Push Tops CES Trends For Netimperative
Technology Encroaching On Personal Lives
Amazon Expands Instant Ordering From Smart Devices
Periscope Assembles A 'Connected Experiences' Team
Forecast: Video-Game Tech Could Hit $170 Billion
Report From NRF 18: Retail Apocalypse May Not Be Happening
How High Can iOS App Sales Soar?
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Jan. 15, 2018
Amazon Alexa Expands, Bathroom To Laundry Room
Beauty Bytes: YouCam, Shiseido Add New 3D AR, IoT Lines
Automotive Retail With Artificial Intelligence: The Future Is Here
A Lack Of Understanding About AI Makes Consumers Uncomfortable
Ford Doubles Down On Its Investment In An Electrified Future
Avis Testing Keyless Cars For Renters
Dunkin' To Open As 'Next-Gen' Store In Quincy, Mass.
Fancy A Decent Pint? There's An App For That!
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Jan. 12, 2018
Touring CES Eureka Park With Isobar To Find The Future Of VR, AR
CES 2018: The End Of The Car Rear-View Mirror
GM Ride-Sharing Cars Would Have No Steering Wheel Or Pedals
4 Technologies To Enhance Your Next Marketing Event
Will Microsoft Take Cryptocurrency For Media Ad Buys?
Ad Industry Vets Join Kochava's XCHNG Blockchain Protocol Advisory Board
Humanoid Robot To Help Online Grocer
Google Grabbed Sound-Tech Startup Redux
Amazon Debuts Virtual Dash Button Service
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018
It's CES, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Google Acquires Screen-To-Speaker Tech
Sony Shows New TVs, Robotic Dog At CES
AI Learns How To Fool Speech-To-Text Systems
Are You Ready For The Future? Most Global Senior Business Decision Makers Aren't
YouTube AI Puts Visitors On A Ride Of Recommendations
Humans Cope With Future Tech As We Navigate Real Vs. Virtual Worlds
Myant's 'Smart' Unmentionables Can Control Your Home
Samsung Readying Launch Of Galaxy S9
Do Asset Graphs Show The Bitcoin Bubble Is About To Burst?
AI & IoT Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018
CES 2018: Comcast Extends Smart Home Capabilities To 15 Million Customers
Consumers Warm To Virtual, Augmented Reality: CES Study
Report: Most Millennials, GenZers Spend At Least Six Hours A Day On Their Cell Phones
Google Takes Voice Assistant Market, From Cars To Home Devices
Isobar Elevates Meeker To Global Technology, Innovation Role
Inside Amazon's Alexa Voice Services Division
Kodak Shares Leap On Cryptocurrency News
AI & IoT Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018
CES Study: Smart Speaker Ownership Rising Around The World
54% Willing To Ride In Self-Driving Cars: CES Study
L'Oreal, Neutrogena Take Digital Skin Protection To Next Level At CES
Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi Team For Robo-Taxis
Connected Toys Company Settles With FTC Over Data Breach
Why IoT Requires Advertisers To Use Blockchain
GoPro Hits Turbulence As Drone Flops And Market Goes Mainstream
GoPro Dropping Drones
Telegram Adding Native Cryptocurrency To Chat App
AI & IoT Daily - Monday, Jan. 8, 2018
CES 2018: Pizza Hut, Toyota Team For Pizza Delivery In Driverless Vehicles
Sales Outlook At CES: 44 Million Smart Speakers To Sell In U.S. This Year
Toyota Launches Self-Driving Concept Vehicle, Brand Alliance, At CES
Smart Speakers Become Part Of Daily Routine For Owners
CES 2018: Battle For Consumer Engagement
Why IoT Requires Advertisers To Use Blockchain
Ford Outfits Factory Workers With Robotic Suits To Wear
Amazon Bows 'Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit'
Fitbit Puts $6M Into Heath-Tracking Startup Sano
GoPro Axing Hundreds Of Employees
AI & IoT Daily - Friday, Jan. 5, 2018
56 Million Smart Speakers To Be Shipped This Year
Samsung Intros New Chip With AI, Face Detection At CES
AT&T To Launch New 5G Speed This Year
Once Again, "The Eyes Have It"
Cryptocurrency Miners Find Their Way Into Online Advertising
Thermostat Controlled By Microsoft Cortana Introduced
GoPro Trimming Staff, Impacting Drone Division, Says Report
All IPhones, IPads, Macs Affected By Security Flaws
Nintendo 'Switch' Sales Break Records
AI & IoT Daily - Thursday, Jan. 4, 2018
New Voice Assistants At CES: LG TV Remote, GE Lights, Nuance AI Link
Nissan Unveils Driver-Brain-To-Vehicle Tech For CES
LG Robots That Serve Meals, Deliver Luggage, Help Shoppers Unveiled For CES
Online Grocery Shoppers Drawn To Smart Speakers
Alphonso Uses Smartphone Microphones To Gather TV Viewing Data
A New World Beyond Moore's Law
Volkswagen, Hyundai Team With Self-Driving Software Company
Roku Joining Voice Computing Market
Roomba Robot Vacuum Aims To Clean Up Home Wi-Fi Signals
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