• Marketers Are Delivering On Personalisation
    Customers have come to expect personalised marketing experiences across devices and channels. The good news is that most marketers are in some phase of implementing a strategy to personalise campaigns and experiences-and this is happening worldwide.
  • MailChimp Launches Campaign Poking Fun At Its Name
    The company's oddball name is now the basis of an elaborate marketing campaign that the brand recently launched in partnership with Droga5. Over the past few months, MailChimp has been creating all sorts of products, events and videos that play off of its name but don't directly reference the brand in any significant way.
  • Fake Email Marketing 'Facts' That Need Debunking
    "Sadly, just as reputable news outlets have been tainted by the rise of misinformation campaigns and fake news sites, email marketing best practices have been undermined by out-of-date advice that's echoed endlessly across the internet until it has the ring of truth."
  • Email Marketing Problems Are Opportunities In Disguise
    Only two-thirds of retailers capture purchase order history and Web site engagement/clicks, and far fewer capture data about shopping affinities (26%). With 47% of consumers in the study saying emails they receive from retailers are rarely relevant to their wants and needs at that moment, or not relevant at all, it's clear that marketers must seize this opportunity.
  • Only A Half Of UK Retailers Send Welcome Emails
    For brands, a welcome email is the perfect way to make a good impression. In fact, according to a study by Return Path, users who read one welcome email will go on to open at least 40% of emails from the same brand in the following 180 days. Despite this, however, only 51% of the UK's top ecommerce brands are reportedly sending dedicated welcome emails.
  • Deleting Yahoo Accounts Is Harder Than You Would Think
    Deleted your Yahoo account? Think again. Several Yahoo users, who last year decided to leave the service, told us their accounts remained open for weeks or months after the company said they would be closed.
  • Click-Throughs Are Up, Latest Research Shows
    Email marketing software provider Sign-Up.to released its 2017 email Marketing Benchmark Report. The report finds that while average open rates have remained stable at their 5-year high of around 25%, click-through and click-to-open rates have both increased significantly from 3.42% to 4.19% and 10.88% to 11.88%, respectively.
  • Regulators Join Forces To Keep Charity Email Lists Legal
    The three regulators responsible for ensuring that organisations understand and obey the rules around fundraising are holding a joint conference aimed to inform, educate and provide clarity to the sector.
  • Marketers Not In Tune With What Consumers Want From Email
    Marketers may think they know what makes for compelling and effective emails, but consumers see things differently. A December 2016 survey by the Direct Marketing Association UK (DMA UK) found that UK marketers tend to consider credibility and trustworthiness key to an effective mailing.
  • Yahoo Admits Email Breached By Hackers Without Passwords
    Yahoo has warned customers that cyber attackers may have compromised their accounts in the past two years, finally alerting them about malicious activity it has known about for months. The warning, which has been issued to affected customers, says that hackers may have been able to access their accounts without knowing the password.
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