• Sens. Cruz, Rubio Fight For U.S. Control Of Web
    With the GOP primary in their rearview mirrors, Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are gearing up for their next big venture: opposing President Obama’s plan to give up U.S. control of the open Internet. The U.S. is planning to cancel the Commerce Department’s contract with Icann, which could lead to authoritarian regimes censoring the global Internet. The House passed a bill that banned Obama from cancelling the contract until 2017, giving the next president the chance to decide to retain U.S. control on the open internet.
  • First RNC-Trump Fundraiser To Be Held In Albuquerque
    Donald Trump will headline at the first joint RNC-Trump fundraiser, which requires a $10,000 donation for attendance. Today's event will be hosted by Kevin R. Daniels a prominent GOP donor. About 20 to 25 attendees are expected to attend, which includes a photo with the presumptive GOP nominee.
  • RNC Reserves $150 Million In Digital Ad Buys
    The RNC is finalizing its largest digital ad buy ever, with $150 million of video inventory being reserved. The large sum is evidence that the Republican party feels Donald Trump will need substantial help with digital advertising in the general election. The ad buy includes dozens of partners, the largest of which is Google.
  • Polls Show Clinton-Trump Race Close, 47% Don't Like Either
    Numerous polls of late show a close race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. An average of recent polls puts Clinton and Trump both at 45%, with a poll showing 47% of respondents preferring neither and saying that they would take a long look at a third-party candidate. The polls also show Bernie Sanders doing better against Trump than Clinton does.
  • Sanders Would Get Rid Of Wasserman-Schultz If He Were President
    The Sanders campaign and the DNC have not meshed during the 2016 primary cycle, to say the least. DNC chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (FL) has spoken out numerous times against the Sanders campaign, as Sanders supporters accuse her and the DNC of Clinton favoritism. The row took a new turn as Sanders told Jake Tapper that he “clearly” supports Wasserman-Schultz’s primary opponent in her re-election bid for the House, professor Tim Canova.
  • Resistance From Key GOP Donors Over Donald Trump
    Much of the Republican establishment looks to be getting in line behind their nominee, Donald Trump, but a few strongholds are proving more difficult to convince. The New York Times interviewed over 50 large Republican donors and found that more than a dozen of them would not raise money or contribute funds to the Trump campaign. If these donors don't come around, it may be difficult for Trump to reach the $1 billion goal before November.
  • Bernie Sanders Agrees To Fox News Debate
    Earlier this week, Fox News sent out a letter to both Democratic candidates for president, hoping for them to hold a debate on the network before the June 7 primaries. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has already agreed to the debate, whereas Fox has yet to hear from Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
  • Biden: No "Fundamental Split" In Democratic Party
    Vice President Joe Biden hoped to calm fears that the Democratic party is facing a serious revolt from within. Biden was in Ohio to promote a new labor regulation and campaign for Senate candidate Ted Strickland when he addressed the Democratic primary situation: “I’m confident that Bernie will be supportive if Hillary wins, which the numbers indicate will happen.” Biden added: “There’s no fundamental split in the Democratic party.”
  • Polls Improving For Trump Amid Democratic Infighting
    Donald Trump appears to be uniting the Republican party faster than most had expected, particularly given the infighting within the Democratic party. An NBC News/Survey Monkey poll published Tuesday has Trump and Clinton both at 87% support within their respective parties. This may upend previous assumptions that Democrats would coast through a general election.
  • Bernie Sanders Donors Are Violating Federal Limits
    Bernie Sanders has created an amazing movement behind his progressive campaign, largely funded by millions of small donors. It turns out that some of his supporters may be a bit too excited about his campaign and have been donating more than the $2,700 limit. For months, the FEC has been sending letters to the Sanders campaign saying that hundreds of donors have given more than the limit, the most recent notice flagged over 1,500 overzealous donors.
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