• Trump Employee Offered To Resign After Melania's Speech
    A Trump Organization employee has taken the fall for the plagiarism debacle that followed Melania Trump’s speech on Monday night. Meredith McIver took responsibility for the parts of Mrs. Trump’s speech that sounded identical to sections of Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008. McIver offered her resignation to the Trump Organization, but it was rejected.
  • Queen Not Happy Trump Used "We Are The Champions"
    Following Trump’s entrance on Monday, where he arrived on stage to Queen’s “We Are the Champions,” the British rock band tweeted Tuesday: “An unauthorized use at the Republican Convention against our wishes.” Queen previously voiced their opposition to Trump using their music back in June, clearly to no avail. Other artists have also asked the Trump campaign to stop using their music, including The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, R.E.M. and Aerosmith.
  • Norovirus Hits Republican Convention In Cleveland
    Amid a turbulent first few days in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, a dozen staffers from the California delegation have come down with a pretty aggressive stomach bug. The California delegation expects that the bug was brought from California by one of their staffers and from there, it spread to 12 others. Republican officials have released guidelines about frequently washing hands and using hand sanitizer.
  • Clinton May Announce VP Pick Friday
    Hillary Clinton aide Karen Finney appeared to tell CNN on Tuesday that the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate would announce her vice presidential pick on Friday. When asked if the Friday timeframe was correct, Finney responded, “I expect that’s about right.” Later in the day, however, Finney tweeted that the date has yet to be set.
  • Clinton Has 76% Chance Of Winning In November
    According to The New York Times’ presidential prediction model, Hillary Clinton has a 76% chance of winning in November. Those are about the odds of an NBA basketball player making a free throw. If the same predictive model were applied to Bill Clinton in 1992 four months out from the election, he would have less than a 20% chance of winning, meaning, much can change in 16 weeks.
  • Stephen Colbert Channels Colbert Report Character, Joined By Jon Stewart
    “The Late Show” on Monday evening saw the return of two sorely missed TV personalities: Jon Stewart and the conservative persona portrayed by Stephen Colbert on the “Colbert Report.” Another Colbert character which has made the rounds on social media is Julius, based off of a "Hunger Games" character. Colbert as Julius explored the convention floor making a nuisance of himself, even at one point calling up to Chuck Todd in one of the booths and making a joke about his goatee.
  • Trump Made Epic Entrance On First Day Of GOP Convention
    Donald Trump, as he does, defied tradition by appearing at his party’s convention before being officially nominated by the GOP. He did so to introduce his wife Melania. In what could possibly be considered his shortest speech ever, Trump entered the stage to “We are the Champions” with a dark and smoky background that looked more appropriate for a music star than a politician looking to run this country.
  • Melania Trump's Speech Resembles Parts Of Michelle Obama's Convention Speech in 2008
    One of the major highlights of RNC day one was Melania Trump’s speech. She spoke coherently, with only a few minor stumbles, especially for a woman who considers English her fourth or fifth language. Immediately following her appearance, however, reports of similarities with Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008 began to appear. The Trump campaign has rejected the accusations of plagiarism.
  • Some Conservative Hispanic Leaders Relent, Decide To Support Trump
    A contingent of conservative Hispanic leaders who had previously vowed never to support Donald Trump, have made a 180-degree turn, now planning to endorse the GOP nominee. They are urging other Hispanics to vote for him in November. In a letter planned for release today, they write: “We are not enamored with Donald Trump’s bombastic rhetoric and personality. But at least we know that Donald Trump won’t divide the country and fuel the flames of racial confrontation by accusing the police and entire criminal justice system of being racist.”
  • Hillary Clinton To Speak At NAACP Conference In Ohio
    As the GOP convention rolls into gear, Hillary Clinton will speak at the annual NAACP conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Monday. Donald Trump had also been invited to speak, but declined. Clinton is expected to continue on the theme of empathy and calling on white America to understand the difficulties black Americans face with law enforcement.
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