• Spending On Presidential Election Down 60% From 2012
    Local TV broadcasters are facing tough times with spending on the presidential election, which is down 60%, compared to the last cycle. Since late April, when Donald Trump effectively won the Republican nomination, there has been $146 million spent on the presidential race. Over the same period in 2012, $373 million was spent on presidential advertising.
  • Clinton Campaign Reserves Another $80 Million In TV Advertising
    The Clinton campaign is expanding its lead over the Trump campaign in TV advertising with another $80 million reserved on the airwaves. Another $3 million will be for the remainder of August, and $77 million for September and October across eight states. The states targeted include: Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
  • RNC Raises $27.7 Million In July
    In July, the RNC raised over $10 million less than they did in July 2012. Picking up $27.7 million last month, the RNC now has $34.5 million on hand, and has raised a total of $199.5 million throughout the cycle. At this point in 2012, the Republican party had $88.7 million cash on hand, more than double what it has now.
  • Trump Campaign Chairman Manafort Resigns
    At the end of a week of shake-ups in the Trump campaign, campaign chairman Paul Manafort has handed Trump his resignation -- and the Republican nominee has accepted it. A statement from the Trump campaign in part read: “I am very appreciative for his great work in helping to get us where we are today, and in particular his work guiding us through the delegate and convention process.”
  • Clinton, Trump To Attend Commander-In-Chief Forum In September
    Both Democratic and Republican nominees will appear back-to-back on September 7 in New York at the “Commander-in-Chief forum,” sponsored by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. The event will be broadcast live on NBC and MSNBC.
  • Trump Surprises Many By Expressing 'Regret' During Campaign Speech
    During a speech in Charlotte, North Carolina, Donald Trump said something he had yet to this cycle, he expressed regret for some of the language he has used during the campaign. “Sometimes, in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don’t choose the right words or you say the wrong thing,” said Trump. "I’ve done that, and I regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain.”
  • Ivanka Trump's Brother-In-Law Will Not Vote For Trump
    Jared Kushner’s younger brother Josh was described as a “lifelong Democrat” in an Esquire profile of his brother that was published on Thursday. Josh Kushner said that “he loved his brother and didn’t want to say anything that might embarrass him. Nevertheless … Josh is a lifelong Democrat and will not be voting for Donald Trump in November.”
  • Ivanka Trump Buys Jewelry From Brand That Donated To Clinton Campaign
    Ivanka Trump may have inadvertently donated money to the Clinton campaign after buying jewelry from Lady Grey. After Ivanka bought an item from Lady Grey’s online store, the artisans behind the jewelry line posted a handwritten letter on Instagram that read in part: “We’re happy to let you know that the proceeds of your sale have been generously donated to The American Immigration Council, the Everytown for Gun Safety Organization and the Hillary Clinton Clinton campaign.”
  • Third-Party Candidates Making Noise On Social Media
    While Trump and Clinton both have a strong presence on social media, Libertarian Gary Johnson is making waves as is Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Between July 10 and August 9, 4.3 million U.S. Facebook users over the age of 18 interacted with content about Johnson. Around 2.8 million interacted with content covering Jill Stein. That’s a huge increase from early May of this year, where Johnson had 15,247 people talking about him and Stein had 15,812 people interacting with her campaign on Facebook.
  • Roger Ailes To Consult Trump On Debate Prep
    Former Fox News head Roger Ailes, who was ousted last month over sexual harassment charges, will reportedly begin assisting Donald Trump with preparations for the presidential debates coming up in September and October. Sources briefed on the move said that the relationship could extend beyond merely debate prep.
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