Social Media:Catering to Your Audience

RAM-Catering to Your AudienceKogi BBQ-To-Go, a Korean barbecue/taco truck in Los Angeles, used social media to create some sizzle. Marketing consultant Mike Prasad got foodies to rave about its fusion menu, and targeted tech mavens to build the brand around the concept of crossover ethnic pop culture. Blogs like Thrillist and ratings site Yelp buzzed about the truck, which roves from trendy neighborhoods to exclusive clubs where tastemakers are thicker than flies on an abandoned pork rib. Prasad got the brand in front of - and all over the fronts of - Brian Solis of TechSet, Kevin Rose of Diggnation LA, and Girls in Tech LA by catering their live events.

The Kogi blog updates famished night people on the truck's route and waiting times at each location. Twitter provides mobile updates on the schedule and waiting times, while flaming the fires in the hearts of barbecue fanatics.

"Due mainly to Twitter and a few other social media tools, we were able to go from no one having heard of them, to having a full-fledged cult following in a month for very little money," says Prasad. And now Kogi founder Mark Manguera could make a move into old media as well. He's been approached about hosting a show on a major food network.

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