Tropicana Juices Women's Communities

blogher.comTropicana officially unveiled "The Juice" community Thursday to promote Trop50, a new orange juice the consumer products goods (CPG) company bills as having 50% less sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

The Tropicana product fits nicely into the BlogHer community, where woman blog about nutrition and fitness for themselves and their families. and iVillage created the site, the first of its kind that sits inside the community.

The brand's page spotlights consumer polls, video blogs and real-time discussions that surround a specific brand -- a first for BlogHer. "It's the first site gathered around a specific topic from a brand," says Gina Garrubbo, EVP at BlogHer. "It's all about squeezing the best information out of the community to live a better life."



Tropicana Trop50 will tap the reach and the influence of two large online social communities geared toward women -- BlogHer and iVillage. This campaign will provide Tropicana with access to direct feedback from female consumers, which will help the brand understand how Tropicana's Trop50 fits into their lifestyles. The Women's Network had 22.6 million visitors in April 2009. BlogHer had 6 million unique visitors in April 2009. Both figures are for U.S. visitors only, according to comScore.

The Juice will serve as an online forum for women to share and exchange tips, stories and support about how to get more out of the good things in life. It explores five topics, from Functional Fitness to Relationships through 24 unique video chats each Monday. The videos feature BlogHer co-founder Jory Des Jardins and an expert guest.

Award-winning actress Kyra Sedgwick serves as the face of Tropicana Trop50 to share her tips for a healthy relationship, based on a more than 20-year marriage. The episode is scheduled to air in June.

Garrubbo says BlogHer takes ideas from the community and marketers to bring services online. Perhaps that how the company recently secured $7 million in Series C funding, which brings the total investment in the site to about $15.5 million. The new round includes a return by both Venrock and Peacock Equity, investments from GE and its NBC Universal unit. Azure Capital joins as a new investor.

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