Energizer Spies Opportunity, Expands 'To-Go' Line

Energizer/iphoneConsumers are carrying so many different types of consumer electronic products in addition to cell phones that Energizer is expanding its Energi-To-Go line of products to encompass them.

"We saw a big opportunity existed around consumer needs," Bob Kearns, director of new business development at Energizer, tells Marketing Daily. "We saw an opportunity around a line of rechargeable products. We have a strong brand name and recognition around Energi-to-Go."

The new line, augmenting the already-in-place line of battery-powered cell phone power sources, moves the company into rechargeable lithium power packs that can be used for iPhones, iPods and other MP3 players, GPS units, digital cameras and camcorders and netbooks and laptops. In all, the company will introduce 10 new products to its portable power lineup.

As devices get smaller (thus decreasing battery size), "battery capacity is being put to the test as digital devices get smarter and faster," Kearns says. "Consumers associate Energizer with power, and this plays into that association."

The new power packs will be available in July -- first in Staples stores and online at Amazon.com and Buy.com, then moving into additional retailers into the fall. While the company is on an aggressive timetable to get the products into consumers' hands, it is working on promoting the new products via the Energi-To-Go Facebook fan page and an Energi-To-Go Twitter feed.

"It's been a quick turnaround for us," Kearns says, noting that the products weren't even hinted at earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show. "We're in the process of getting in front of consumers via social media."

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