NBCU: Olympic Research Lab Charts Consumer Behavior

Olympic rings

Following its initial single-source audience research effort during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, NBC Universal will start up another push for next month's 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.

NBC will again issue a daily TAMI (Total Audience Measurement Index) to measure total Olympic exposure across all media platforms throughout the 17 days of coverage.

NBC says this will include the first statistically projected single-source measurement of television and Internet use.

Using data from Arbitron's Portable People Meter media measurement service, as well as Internet data from comScore and Omniture, NBCU says it will measure TV and Internet use from the same person and update those numbers to a broad population.

Viewer/user data will include simultaneous online and TV viewing. Also for the first time, it will differentiate video viewed for the first time versus repeat viewing.



For social media, NBC will use Keller Fay's TalkTrack to measure all forms of Olympic "word of mouth" marketing. This includes face-to-face, phone and Web communication.

NBC will also use second-by-second set-top box data from TiVo to measure audience retention for Olympic programming and commercials. Plus, it will analyze demographic and psychographic data.

NBCU will partner again with IMMI to track a single consumer's Olympic exposure across all media platforms -- so-called "three-screen" measurement -- where viewers in the IMMI panel will carry a iMMi phone to measure Olympic viewing on television, online and mobile devices.

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