Out to Launch: Super Bowl Edition, Day 3

Hyundai has two distinctly different ads running in the first quarter of the Super Bowl, both promoting the Sonata. The first ad is "Paint." Unlike most Super Bowl ads, it's very quiet and mellow, set to classical music. Cars parts are being dipped in paint (and you thought it was boring to watch paint dry) as a recognizable voiceover names famous Sonatas: Mozart's, Schubert's and Hyundai's. "Because beautiful works of art are meant to last," concludes voiceover guy Jeff Bridges. The spot touts the paint quality of Sonata as better than Mercedes CLS550. Watch the ad here. The company's second ad features Brett Favre, and it's awesome. I think the ad is better because Favre and the Vikings didn't make it to the Super Bowl. Plus, Favre makes fun of his notorious indecisiveness that football fans have grown accustomed to. The location: a locker room. The year: 2020, and an aged Brett Favre is speaking to the press following a championship victory and MVP win. Love the hologram trophy of Favre himself holding a football. Favre describes being 50 and older than most fans and team owners. He contemplates retirement, then reneges. Sound familiar? "We don't know what things will be like 10 years from now, but we can assure you that your Hyundai will still be covered," says the voiceover promoting Hyundai Sonata's 10-year/ 100,000-mile warranty. See the ad here. Innocean Worldwide created the ads.



There's an animated "Squirrel" foraging for unlikely materials in a spot for Honda Accord Crosstour, running in the fourthquarter. The ad, set to Kool & The Gang's "Funky Stuff," continues with the brand's use of polygonal animation and follows a squirrel gathering stock for winter. A pineapple, bowling trophy, barbell and furniture barely make it into a tree. The furry critter stops in awe of the room the Crosstour provides. "Just what we all need. Another brilliant idea from Honda," says voiceover Kevin Spacey. Watch the ad here, created by RPA.

Is getting a Super Bowl ad banned the new black? If so, kgb has joined the ever-growing list of brands with a banned Super Bowl ad under their belt. I still can't comprehend how the company makes a profit. You text them your questions and pay for answers. I use Google when I'm stumped, and it's free. Back to the banned ad. The kgb team is summoned to a country club to find two golfers with their heads up their asses. Their wives look unsurprised at their husbands' achieved feat. They could have avoided this situation by getting accurate answers from kgb. If you're used to seeing burp and fart jokes in Super Bowl ads, then "In the Hole" seems like a perfect fit for the big game. What's more offensive to Super Bowl audiences: seeing a visual of a man with his head up his ass, or assuming that men's heads are frequently found there? Watch the ad here, created by The Brooklyn Brothers.

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