PepsiCo, Microsoft Team For Soccer Advergame

Football Hero

PepsiCo International and Microsoft have teamed up to create an integrated digital advergaming campaign to take advantage of what's expected to be increasing interest in soccer as the World Cup gets underway. 

As part of the program, Microsoft Advertising's Creative Solutions team created an interactive game, in which users move from "Zero to Hero," manipulating avatars through five interactive games, unlocking reward videos to share via instant messaging, e-mail and social networks.

The games will be integrated into content on a dedicated PepsiCo International-branded Football Hero Web site as well as games on several Microsoft properties, like Windows Live Messenger,, XboxLive, Hotmail and MSN sports and entertainment channels.

The companies will promote the game through the Windows properties, as well as through on-pack and in-store retail promotions from PepsiCo. The effort is aimed specifically at the international soccer-loving audience and will run in 14 international markets, including Europe, the Middle East and South America. It was unknown whether the program would be promoted or even available in the United States.



"As excitement ahead of the 2010 summer of football grows, there will be a significant upsurge in demand for information and entertainment around the game," said Darren Huston, Microsoft's corporate vice president, global consumer and online, in a statement. "The 'Football Hero' campaign will help PepsiCo International tap into this summer's football buzz by positioning it as a brand that is well attuned to the needs of its target audience."

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  1. David Queamante from UM/Identity, April 19, 2010 at 9:45 a.m.

    If they plan to ignore the millions of U.S. based Hispanics in this effort, they're making a tremendous mistake.

  2. Gordon Husbands from Wordbank Limited, April 21, 2010 at 10:04 a.m.

    Surely not? - if they are already investing in 14 languages, for just a little bit more they reach those millions of avid and passionate US Hispanic football (soccer) fans. I was in Sausalito during the last World Cup and I knew if I wanted to find TV coverage of the cup I just headed for the nearest bar populated by Spanish speakers.

    I have no doubt that Castillian Spanish is one of their target demographics, while not exactly finely tuned to the US Hispanic market, even so making that available would get publicity and increase accessibility for little incremental cost. Always willing to help them with the transcreation and adaptation of the game, however. :)

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