Kenshoo Adds Custom Widgets To Search


Kenshoo plans to unveil an upgrade Thursday to Kenshoo Search Insight Dashboards. The new features add dynamic tabs and widgets that enable marketers to customize, build and combine interactive reports based on campaign data.

Through the widgets, marketers can track multiple search and social channels to better understand the broad media mix and determine where to focus budgets. The reports provide filters, charts, and the ability to zoom in to specific columns, countries, and more.

About four widgets fit in one page view. Zoom into the data presented by the widgets to get a closer view. Marketers also can view the same metrics in several ways to help gain numerous perspectives to compare costs, clicks, conversions, and impressions, for example. There are infinite ways to cut and past the data, giving marketers the tools to dig in deep.

Today, marketers can export the tables into Excel spreadsheets, but Kenshoo will soon provide the ability to turn reports into PDF files, according to Ariel Rosenstein, Kenshoo director of product marketing. "This technology gives marketers the ability to build their own widgets, or we can build each for them," he says. "The ability to cut the data into smaller segments lets you see the greatest differences in quality and return on investment."

The system had standard graphic -- but now colorful -- icons, charts and graphs aim to reduce data clutter and pinpoint trends to trigger immediate corrective action. By combining a colorful interface with business intelligence (BI) features, campaign managers can create custom reports while looking at multiple dimensions of their data.

Kenshoo Search, originally launched in 2006, was built on the company's Quality Management methodology, an approach to search marketing that automates labor-intensive search marketing operations and gives search markets a wide array of features in a natural workflow for greatest ease of use.

More than 100 customers use the platform. Many are agencies, for a total of 500 users total. About 50% are in the U.S. Europe makes up 30%; the remainder, 20%. Being an Israeli company gives Kenshoo an advantage, Rosenstein says. "We started with the universal format," he says. "Some competitors can't handle Chinese, Japanese or East-Asian languages, and we have been able to support them from the beginning."


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