Out to Launch

1AIDES, a French-based organization fighting the social injustices endured by those living with AIDS in France and Europe, launched a powerful TV spot coinciding with World Aids Day. Viewers hear the story of Victor, an 85-year-old man who's lived a full life. The setting is a hospital, where Victor's voiceover retells significant life accomplishments via home movies, beginning with recent milestones and working backwards: becoming a grandfather, father, learning to longboard, running the NYC marathon, meeting his wife and starting his own business. The saddest part of this story is, not a word of it is real. At 20, Victor contracted AIDS through unprotected sex. He reflects upon a life he could have had, but knows he will not. Absolutely heartbreaking. "Protegez-vous" (protect yourself), closes the ad, seen here and created by TBWA/Paris.



2I know the holiday season is upon us by the massive influx of red coffee cups from Starbucks. In case you missed them, the brand launched a TV spot reminding consumers of its line of holiday drinks. I've missed you, peppermint mocha. Oversized snowflakes take over New York. In actuality, they're snowflake kites flown by throngs of people. Those not kite flying are drinking Starbucks treats. The spot ends with kites getting stuck in a tree and the line, "you know when the holidays are here." The music played throughout sounds like Bon Iver, but it's actually "Snow Day" by Matt Pond PA. Watch the ad here, created by BBDO New York.

3Martini & Rossi launched its first TV campaign in a decade. When a beautiful woman maneuvers the streets of Rome carrying a gaggle of gold balloons, people get out of her way. A waiter moves a table, a couple unlock lips, a tailor stops working on a dress. Just when you think the woman has the ability to walk on water, a man rows her to her final destination: a rooftop party. Balloons are distributed to partygoers, and once the sparkling wine is uncorked, the balloons are set free, morphing into wine bubbles. "Let go" closes the ad, seen here and created by David & Goliath.

4If bus shelters looked this good, people might enjoy commuting more. Absolut Vodka transformed Chicago bus shelters into quirky installations inspired by print elements from Absolut Vodka's "Drinks" campaign. Click here to see my coverage of the print campaign. Actresses Kate Beckinsale, Ali Larter and Zooey Deschanel appeared in print elements; Beckinsale and Larter resurface in bus shelters equipped with psychedelic seats and lemon trees. See the bus shelters here, here and here, created by TBWA/Chiat/Day New York.

5After watching Tassimo's TV spot, "Brewbot Beats," I wonder how many people actually think the machine doubles as a dancing robot? Aside from that, a cute portrayal. Way happier than my Keurig. The Tassimo Brewbot can brew a bevy of drinks, ranging from coffee, cappuccino, espresso and hot chocolate, among others. Illustrating this is a machine that comes to life, dancing and serving its entire array of drink options. "Seven different beverages. One smart little bot" closes the ad, seen here and created by Being.

6The final spot in the Nissan Juke trilogy launched and it answers the question of why Juke's inner console is reminiscent of a motorcycle's fuel tank, through urban legend storytelling. "Trophy" shows a woman and Nissan Juke take on a trio of futuristic bikers to retrieve an unknown package. Juke knocks two bikers off with its bumper, leaving the final biker for the woman, who drops a steel door down, causing the last biker to drive into it, erupting in flames. Watch it here. Check out Juke's previous ads, "The Dread" and "Weather." TBWA/Toronto created the ad, with visual effects provided by MassMarket.

7Commuters traveling through Washington D.C. and Atlanta train stations will have a hard time missing oversized barbells, digital cameras, high-heeled shoes and tricycles on their way to work. MasterCard and SunTrust Bank are behind the initiative, which touts the benefits of using a MasterCard-branded Check Card from SunTrust. Cardholders can log on to a Web site to receive 20% to 30% off various online purchases. "Overwhelming" is the campaign's theme, which explains the massive props outside train stations. See them here, here and here. Most displays feature scannable QR codes that deliver consumers to a microsite that offers an "Overwhelming Offer" of the day. McCann Erickson, New York created the campaign.

8Corona Extra launched a Hispanic TV campaign called "refresca quienes somos" or "refresh who we are." Each spot features an impromptu singing crowd of Hispanics who help someone go back to their Latin roots. A man's friends are late in meeting him at a restaurant in "Espera." The singing crowd tells the man to grab a Corona and relax, rather than stress out about time. See it here. Don't just wave hello to people you don't know in "Abrazo": hug them. All of them. Watch it here. Jose got his groove back in "Baile." His dancing was so bad, the singing crowd encouraged him to call Santo Domingo and ask for a shipment of rhythm. Jose picked up some moves by the end of the ad, seen here. A soccer ball rolls out of bounds in "Balon." A passerby picks it up to throw it back, but is chided by the singing crowd. "We Latinos kick the ball," sings the crowd, prompting the man to kick the ball back in play. Watch it here. La Comunidad created the campaign.

0Random iPhone App of the week: Did you overeat this Thanksgiving? Check out FITNESS magazine's FITNESS Express Workouts app, featuring a variety of 15-minute exercises you can do anywhere. Users can target their abs, arms, butt, thighs, or do a total-body workout. Each routine includes step-by-step instructions and video demos. There's also an online training log to track workout dates, times and reps performed. If you're into social media oversharing, you can post your routines to Twitter and Facebook. Pump One developed the app, available for $1.99 in the App Store.

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