SSI: Super Bowl Is All About The Game, Not Ads


Maybe it's really about the game, not the commercials -- at least for this Super Bowl.

While many Super Bowl surveys will talk up the importance of viewers wanting to see the TV commercials, research company Survey Sampling International says it's really about watching two strong football teams battling each other.

Its recent study says 76% of Americans plan to watch some of the game from their own home, versus 16% who are planning to go to -- or hold -- a party.

Nielsen says last year's Super Bowl game averaged 106 million viewers -- not only the most ever for the big TV event, but the highest ever for any TV program in history. The U.S. population, according to the 2010 census, is 308 million people.

The survey goes on to say that most viewers -- 61% -- are looking forward to the game itself. Other motivations are way down the list. Close to a fifth -- 19% -- consider the game an excuse to get together with friends.



Farther down the list comes the desire to see those new TV commercials. Yes, there is other research that gives TV commercials significantly higher results; SSI says only 12% are motivated to see the new bunch of Super Bowl ads.

Historically, big Super Bowl marketers get the top nod from viewers when it comes to TV commercials. More than half of those planning to watch the Super Bowl -- 58% -- are looking forward to Budweiser commercials. Almost half -- 47% -- are seeking TV messaging from sister Anheuser-Busch brand Bud Light. Together, Budweiser and Bud Light combine for a 64% score for viewers.

Those now annual consumer-produced Doritos TV commercials also get cheers from viewers this year -- 41% are anticipating those spots. Next come GoDaddy and Pepsi MAX at 25% apiece.

SSI says the study looked at 575 adults on its online SurveySpot panel of U.S. consumers.


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