Bloxham Leaving Ball State For Start-Up

Mike Bloxham, a British interactive media expatriate, who as director of insight & research for the Center for Media Design at Ball State University helped build an important bridge between Madison Avenue and the world of academia, is leaving his full-time role with the university to join an as-yet-undisclosed start-up.

In an email announcing the move, Bloxham referred to the venture as a company focused on "research and consulting in integrated marketing, including email, social media, mobile and other emerging media."

Bloxham, who has been a frequent contributor to MediaPost publications and events, said he is returning to his commercial roots, but would remain active with BSU, and would continue to work with the university as a member of its advisory board.

Michael Holmes, associate director and lead researcher at BSU's Center for Media Design, has already assumed much of Bloxham's day-to-day management duties, and will lead the center's insight and research initiatives, some of which have been retained by big private sector media companies, including the Nielsen-funded Council for Research Excellence.

Bloxham said he would also continue to be involved with the Media Behavior Institute, which he helped incubate with Sequent Partners while at the university.

Bloxham is also the up-to-now anonymous foodie blogger known as the Fat Englishman



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