Out to Launch: Super Bowl Edition, Day 5

1Doritos' "Crash The Super Bowl" contest has been so successful that Pepsi Max joined the fray. Just like the Pepsi Max contest, discussed yesterday, Doritos also has five user-created ad finalists. Three will make it to the big game.

It's going to be a tough choice. "Adam and Eve" takes us back to biblical times. There's a slight difference in this version: Eve is unable to tempt Adam with a piece of forbidden fruit, for he's fairly content with his bag of Doritos. Watch it here.

"Best Part" is both creepy and funny, so it has a legitimate shot at running during the big game. An office worker finishes his lunch bag of Doritos, when his co-worker remarks that he left the "best part." Yes, we're talking the cheese-stained fingers, and, yes, the creepy co-worker sucked his colleague's finger. See it here.



A father hijacks his son's "Birthday Wish" and uses it to make his fantasies come true. Birthday presents are bags of Doritos, and he gets a robot best friend and a stripper pole erected in the living room for his wife. I love how the son refers to it as a "fireman's pole." How sweet. Watch it here.

Doritos hold magical powers for a man that's "House Sitting" for his friend. The careless house sitter neglected to feed the fish, plants or clean the apartment. Sprinkling the dead fish and plant with Doritos resurrects them both. You'll never guess what happens when Grandpa's ashes are knocked over. See it here.

A man mocks his girlfriend's adorable pug in "Pug Attack." He waves Doritos at the pup through a glass door that's no match for a hungry pug. Watch it here. My favorites are "Birthday Wish," "House Sitting" and "Pug Attack." How about you? 

2Own a Kia Optima and be prepared to take an "Epic Ride." The vehicle is not your average mid-size sedan: what other car can make Poseidon emerge from the sea or aliens let their presence be known? The desire for Optima begins with a routine traffic stop. The cop becomes so enamored that he handcuffs the Optima owners to his police motorcycle and takes off. The car is captured by a villain in a helicopter, who directs the Optima toward a luxury yacht. That's when Poseidon emerges, and briefly takes the Optima. Aliens then beam the car into a spaceship, transporting it to their planet. The fun's over when the car goes through a black hole and lands beside a Mayan temple. See it here. David&Goliath created the ad and Initiative handled the media buy.

3The Federal Voting Assistance Program is running a Super Bowl spot that will run on the American Forces Network. The ad will be shown on U.S. Military bases worldwide. This ad is the type of content shown overseas: not Audi, Budweiser or typical Super Bowl ad fare. The ad begins with an inside look at a weapon, as a voiceover details the relationship between a weapon and its owner. "My weapon is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I much master my life." The weapon isn't a gun; it's a pen. "Your vote is your greatest weapon," concludes the ad, created by Mullen. Watch it here.

4Goodby, Silverstein & Partners created a batch of ads for Chevy, running throughout the big game. A honk from a man's Chevy Silverado lets him know when his son "Tommy" is in trouble. Who needs Lassie? In the ad, Tommy falls down a well, gets stuck in a cave, gets loose in a runaway hot air balloon and winds up inside the belly of a whale. See it here.

An ad for Chevy Volt chronicles important historical findings and events. In "Discovery," Ben Franklin's discovery of electricity, a family watching TV for the first time and Woodstock are compared to a power cord that charges a Chevy Volt. Watch it here.

Facebook makes an impromptu appearance in "Status," promoting the Chevy Cruze. A couple part ways following a first-date kiss. The man hops into his Cruze, and activates OnStar to check his Facebook news feed, where his date posts a complimentary status about their evening. See it here. Chevy Cruze eco is highlighted in "Misunderstanding," where a group of seniors misinterpret an ad describing Cruze's 42 miles per gallon. Watch it here.

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