Sales Of TV Sets Rebound In Q4


The global business economy for TV sets has rebounded.

Fourth-quarter 2010 shipments of TV sets grew 15% to 77.6 million units, after falling 9% in the third quarter. The survey came from DisplaySearch's Advanced Quarterly Global report.

Gains were made in North America, which had a slowdown throughout most of 2010.

China -- one of the fastest-growing economies -- experienced a 2% decline in the fourth quarter. This was due to a major decline in older CRT television sets, which overwhelmed the growth by LCD and plasma screen TVs.

All LCD TV sets have a 82% share of the worldwide market; CRT TVs have an 11% share. The report says for the first time since the beginning of the year, LCD TVs grew at a faster pace that plasma TVs -- all because newer LED-backlit LCD TVs pricing fell. LED TVs now have a 30% share of the marketplace.



Plasma TVs had 20% year-over-year growth in the period, commanding a 7.3% share of the worldwide market. Newer 3D TVs now have a 9% share of global TV revenues, with 2.3 million sets shipping in the fourth quarter.

Paul Gagnon, director of North America TV research for DisplaySearch, said in a release: "LCD TV panel prices started falling in July, but due to the length of the supply chain, it takes about a quarter for those prices to be realized at retail."

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